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16 Hilarious Reasons To Avoid Public Transportation At All Cost

Public transportation is great way to travel from one place to another without worrying about the traffic or being late. Public transportation is way cheap than using your own private transportation. People find public transportation convenient and safe. It can ease the traffic congestion as well as enhances mobility during emergencies. All of us find it very convenient to use public transport for daily use. All benefits of public transport go in your favor and everything works great until some crazy and weird people start using it against you. This completely makes your experience from good to worse in a matter of seconds until you feel disgusted about travelling in public in the first place.


You will find complete weirdos that will make you feel like, ‘is this planet Earth or something else?’ For this reason, we have collected some questioning pictures of people travelling in public transport. You will realize that we were not wrong by the end of this post. So here are 16 reasons why you should avoid public transportation at any cost, even considering the face that it is cheap as well as convenient.

1. The guy on the left desperately waiting for his stop so he can just get out

1. The guy on the left's face says it all
via: Reuters

2. I hope this guy just don’t get his neck broken. Presenting slender man in the train y’all

2. This will be your last train ride for sure, Slenderman will get ya
via: Reddit

3. He is asleep but he just does not want to let go of his luggage because it could be vanished in seconds

3. Eventhough he's asleep look at his left hand, he clutching at his luggage so firmly

4. Bane waiting for his stop to knockout batman

4. Bane ? Is that you ?
via: Doseng

5. Wait.. what’s going on in there; are they taking nap or..?

5. They're just taking a nap, don't be dirty minded
via: Free 1

6. What the heck this guy just drove his mini car into a public transport

6. You might want to use your legs from time to time, they can be pretty practical
via: Viraton

7. When you can’t read your favorite book because everyone starts asking for the time, so you made a hack

7. She doesn't want anyone to interrupt her reading to ask for the time

8. When you are going long way and you don’t find any seats

8. This guy's going places
via: Matome
I am sure that you guys have seen enough reasons to avoid public transportation. These weird people have made everyone experience worst. Scroll down see some more weird people making everyone experience sick

9. This girl needs to go straight to the kitchen when she reaches her destination

9. She is taking multitasking to a whole new level
via: Reddit

10. When you wanna sleep and sneeze at the same time. I wish I was this multifunctional

10. If you photoshop the seat out it'll look like she's about to sneeze

11. This is what happens when you watch anime too much. I can not just stop looking at his bottoms

11. When you're a Viking who also loves Anime and embraces his feminine side, maybe a little bit too much
via: VKMag

12. When you are being late so you just got out of shower and hurried to the train station

12. When you get out of the shower and find out that you've been robbed

13. Is it love in the air or love in the public transportation I hope his wheel chair just don’t get broken

13. Love is in the air
via: Fishki

14. Duct Tape mummy spotted in public transportation. I feel scared..

14. A NEW SUPERHERO ! Duct Tape Man !
via: VK

15. What is he even doing cutting his watch or trying to rob the entire train

15. I want to know the story behind this
via: Piwimus

16. He just made his entire outfit sitting on this train. That’s what public transport do to you.

16. He was naked when he got on the train, he made his entire outfit on the spot
via: Dacho

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