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Wholesome Story: Man ‘Steals’ His Roommate’s Cat For Nightly Cuddles

Visualise getting up one day and finding out that your cat has been giving all the cuddles and affection to your roommate instead of you. Well… that is bound to give rise to jealousy within you. This is exactly what happened at this apartment where a man confessed that his cat was not giving him any affection. And it turned out that his cat was getting all cuddly with his roommate. He thought that his cat would just go out at night and he would get pretty annoyed when the cat does not come home till morning, but little did he know that the cat was spending the nights with his roommate.


You know what they say; you can buy a cat, but the cat will decide whether it accepts you or not. And it must sting a lot to realize that your cat who has not been showing warmth to you is getting cozy with someone else. Cats will give attention to the people who spend the most time with them. In short; cats choose humans. So, maybe the owner needs to realize that and spend a little more time with his cat. But on the bright side, it is pretty cool that the roommate and the cat have such a good relationship. But if I were the owner I would have either gotten rid of the roommate or, perhaps I would have gotten him a new cat. Regardless of what the owner decides to do that cat is pretty damn lucky to have such great roommates who care so much.

Because our pets are so important to us, we’d be distraught if they were cold to us but warm to someone else. But that is precisely what occurred in this apartment. One of the Twitter user @fesshole said that his roommate has a cat and is constantly whining about how unpleasant she is. She’s been sleeping on his bed every night, getting hugs, rather than her owner’s bed. What if it was your beloved cat? This sparked a lot of discussion on Twitter, and the replies were hilarious. Take a look at this:

1. The housemate always complaining about her cat.

Via  @fesshole

2. Some cats are having secret “affairs”

Via @deedra29

3.  That’s a really good question!


Via @sminkypinky76

4. Cats choose their hooman!

Via @grace_hawthorn

5. Got Ownership. WOW!

Via @kirstyradders

6. Are cat thieves the real heroes?

Via  @garyokeefeuk

We have seen so many people have epic horror stories about their housemates. When it comes to sharing an apartment, you can’t afford to live without them, but you also can’t afford to live with them. Sharing your space might be difficult if your roommates snore excessively and make you sound like an old dog, or if they constantly take your food. But what if you discovered that your pet secretly liked your roommate over you? That sounds like our worst fear. Right?

7. Well, nice idea.

Via @jamesoflynn

8. Would you like to steal this feline baby?

Via @ricroja

9. Furry friend is getting cuddles.

Via @1950sLibrarian

10. Imagine!

Via @enndemic

11. Take your cat with you.

Via @beau_soleil7

12.  Hilarious!

Via @DavidGr64139349

Does your cat cuddle with your neighbors? Or did you ever experience a similar situation? If yes, do share your reaction with us in the comments section below.


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