Rude Customer Insults Employee In Chinese, Doesn’t Realise Cashier Can Speak Chinese Too

Being bilingual has several advantages, but which is the best? Probably the ability to reprimand impolite individuals. It’s also pretty well-known that customers are often overly rude for no apparent reason. A sly cashier and a belligerent customer combine to make a very entertaining tale. One unkind customer made the choice to be unkind to the cashier. She only did it in a tongue she didn’t believe the cashier knew. Aside from the fact that the cashier could speak Chinese but chose to remain silent during the transaction.

It simply goes to show, that you truly cannot judge a book by its cover, and also that you should be kind to people who serve you; in all languages! Now, prepare for this wild ride.

It begins like any other checkout experience…

But quickly deteriorates…



It’s one thing to be impolite when handling fruit, but her hair? Not at all a customer’s business.




He’s right


At least her husband had manners, which is something.


Because of this, everyone should practice good manners and refrain from disparaging others. What good does trash-talking even serve? How does it work? These nasty customers must have been in complete panic from the sight on their faces.

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