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Sick Kitten Rescued From Kill Shelter Gets A New Life

Posey, the cat had multiple health problems when rescued from a kill shelter but love has brought her back to life.

Cats are our favorite when it comes to cuddles. They are the best snuggle buddies. Well, not every cat gets to live a happy and healthy life. Some are ill-fated and end up in kill shelters where they are not properly taken care of or loved. A Reddit user flyingglotus rescued a kitten from a shelter. The kitten was too young, too weak and was suffering from several health problems. They named the little kitten, Posey. What a beautiful name!


It was not easy for them to treat her but they stayed determined. They made sure to take Posey for regular check-ups to the vet. She was put on antibiotics to reduce the symptoms of the diseases she was suffering from. Little girl had severe conjunctivitis, ringworm all over her body, and had a URI. She was given sulfur baths. Her parents never skipped her eye drops and they kept her on oral antibiotics.

It was not an easy journey for them and for Posey as well. Posey started showing progress with time and after a month and a half, Posey was 100% cured!

Scroll down to see how Posey recovered and now enjoying a happy and healthy life.

Sources: Reddit | Imgur

1. Meet Posey, the prettiest girl in town!


What a beautiful little ball of fluff! She looks so innocent. She was rescued from a kill shelter when she was 3 weeks old. This is Posey at 9 weeks. This ill-fated girl never got to meet her mother but found a loving home where her hoomans gave her unlimited love and care. Who would not love such a cute and adorable little kitten?

2. Look at Posey, making these cute faces.


Posey, the little kitten at 14 weeks.

3. Is not she adorable?


Since Posey was a shelter cat, she had a terrible respiratory infection. Her parents kept her in their basement bathroom for almost a month. They were really concerned about her health as she was diagnosed with severe conjunctivitis, ringworm all over her body, and still had a URI. They got her checked by the vet regularly and she was kept on oral antibiotics. After so many treatments and countless visits to the vet, finally Posey was free from all the diseases. That’s Posey at 6 months!

4. Back to life!


5. It took time but was worth it!


She is getting bigger and better with each passing day. The little Posey is no longer the little kitten.

6. This girl has got the prettiest fur!


7. Posey, making sure to enjoy every day!

It was not easy for Posey to go through all of this and then come back to life again but trust us, Posey is a brave girl and she has proved it. Posey is very friendly and stays happy all the time. From being severely sick to being a happy and healthy kitty, Posey has gone through a lot! We love Posey! What about you? Have you ever rescued a cat and brought it back to life?


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