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10+ Tweets About Animal Antics That Will Instantly Make You Smile

These tweets will surely make your day.

Do you love animals as much as the rest of us? Do you like to see their hilarious antics? Do you like to spend your day looking at cat videos? If you answered yes to all of those questions then you’ve come to the right place.


We all know many pets have weird habits that you just can’t get used to no matter how many times you post them on the Internet.  Well, today you are not going to be laughing at your pet’s antics but the animals around the world.

From old memes rehashed to cats loving peaches, we have it all. So, just sit back and relax while you are able to ooh and awe at the animals of the world.

#1 Sure does look like baby Yoda.

#2 What’s not to love about peaches? They are round, soft and juicy.

#3 Those puggy paddle skills are on point. Wish I was half as good as him.

#4 Even the ducks in Glasgow have private bodyguards.

#5 Even dogs like to stretch out and do some yoga.

#6 Nobody wants the puppy paws to get dirty.

#7 Nobody is allowed to mess up their cuddle buddy time.

#8 Is this friendship or is the horse annoying the cat? Maybe both.

#9 Okay that is just pure adorable.

#10 Maybe the goat drank too much milk.

#11 I’ve told myself that many times, but I still do it.

#12 That is amazing! This cat needs to be on America’s got talent.

#13 Little goats might be one of the cutest animals alive.

#14 He protecc, he attack but he also a sneaky snacc.

#15 I do don’t I? Well, this is certainly one of the good things.

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