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A Hilarious Thread Of People That Thought They Were Adopting A Specific Dog But It Turned Out Another Breed

Nothing beats a good old-fashioned surprise. Unexpected shocks make us feel better and may even encourage us to do amazing things, whether it’s a $5 note found in the back pocket of the trousers you used to wear or a thoughtful act from a bystander. Well, unanticipated surprises are the subject of this article.

We recently came across a thread where dog owners posted pictures of their pets and captioned them with the breed their dogs were supposed to be compared to what they actually were. While these kinds of activities typically involve adopted dogs, many purported breeders will also use lies in order to close a deal. You guys are aware of our adage, “Don’t shop unless you have no other option; adopt instead.” Additionally, we must acknowledge that adoption is not simple, and no one ever promised it would be from the start, but it is so worth it. It’s crucial to remember what’s truly crucial: providing your dog with the best care possible.

1. I have not seen such eyebrows in German Shephard for a while..

Dog - Nico Guajardo @NicoGuajardo73 Mine is a German Shepard that's too close to the floor. And with well-pronounced eyebrows 8,461 4:34 PM - Aug 16, 2019. 408 people are talking about this

One of the most unusual blends we’ve ever seen, we think! Whatever you may think of mixed-breed dogs, we adore them (as long as there are no health issues, of course). We must keep in mind that we are not adopting a dog for its appearance but rather for its love and dedication.

Via NicoGuajardo73

2. Hello. Is that a dog or a Pony, or both? I am really confused

Dog - Pato Paredes @Patoparedes23 Been there... "It will be medium sized", they said. And here I am, raising a pony 3,077 10:52 PM - Aug 16, 2019 87 people are talking about this

This is far too familiar. The same thing was said to us when we recently adopted a doggo; she will be a medium-sized dog. We quickly came to the conclusion that we could have been slightly mislead. To all the ponies, I say:

Via Patoparedes23

3. This is hilarious I see no connection here

Dog - Camila Yañez @CamilaYaez7 The 'poodle' that my sister gave to my parents as a present 5,337 12:33 PM - Aug 16, 2019 94 people are talking about this

4. Did you imagine to see a benicio like this?

Dog - Rodrigo de América @RodriQuijano I didn't know what Benicio would look like, but never imagined he would end up looking like this 27,279 3:19 PM - Aug 16, 2019 342 people are talking about this

5. Hello. Meet our not se fierce looking Cocker Spaniel, mind you, we love him anyway!

Dog - Agus @Agusvisconti I was told it would be the size of a Cocker Spaniel Stalle 3,938 3:39 PM - Aug 16, 2019 131 people are talking about this

6. I could never imagine to raise a pitbull who looks like him 

Dog - @MelaniDuran They told me it was a Pit Bull. I was tricked for sure 3,922 12:30 AM - Aug 17, 2019 289 people are talking about this

7. OMG, this is a great length just by the way

Dog - Némesis @NapolitanoAylen It happened to me the other way around. I was told it was a small street dog and ended up being a 10 ft tall greyhound 3,455 7:55 PM - Aug 16, 2019 104 people are talking about this

8. No matter what they got, these pet owners are still in love with their dogs and it warms my heart 

Dog - Jime @jimenievas2 She's allegedly a Rottweiler. Still beautiful 3,901 5:29 AM - Aug 16, 2019 66 people are talking about this

9. I seriously cannot stop laughing at this one

Dog - JULIA @Juliapavonn A Golden Retriever 5,403 3:56 PM - Aug 16, 2019 194 people are talking about this


Dog - Agost @agosfrisicaro If you've ever been tricked, just know that I was told this boy would be a poodle 74.1K 11:08 PM - Aug 14, 2019 9,998 people are talking about this

11. OMG you have been tricked 

Dog - Micaela M. @maikgoicoch Mine is halfway to becoming a Dalmatian 646 12:49 PM - Aug 17, 2019 19 people are talking about this

12. Hey there, meet this Boxer

Dog - Milena. @MileSanchez6 It was supposedly a BOXER 3,675 3:30 PM - Aug 16, 2019 118 people are talking about this

Via @MileSanchez6

I really hope that these stories gave you a good laugh. I cannot stop laughing as these were some hilarious moments our friends had. Have you ever been in any such similar situation? Share your thoughts with us.


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