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Wholesome Story Of Woman Adopting A Wolf Cub From A Shelter Because It Wouldn’t Have Survived

Certain animals are commonly kept as pets. For example, cats, dogs, and hamsters are some common animals that people are more likely to keep as pets. Other than these, people also adopt exotic animals e.g. parrots and snakes. And in rare occasions, like the one we will be telling about today, people also keep wolves as pets.


Kira is a wolf that was adopted as a pet. At the age of three, she was left alone by her mother. She was very young and she was not capable of surviving in the wild alone. Fortunately, a Russian woman, Alida, came to Kira’s rescue. Alida happily took her in and took the responsibility of raising Kira. This way, Kira could have a new life and a good one. This entailed Alida actively working on Kira’s socialization because wolves are not comfortable with new situations and settings. A lot of effort went into Kira’s socialization. She was put into the same setting as older humans as well as kids. She was also made to interact with many other animals. She was taken to different places where she was in the company of different humans and animals. Having so much exposure to different settings helped her settle and be more familiar with new settings.

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After a ruthless family abandoned Kira’s mother, Kira’s mother was taken in by a shelter. After some time, Kira was born.

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Kira’s life took a bad turn when her mother refused to take care of her and her siblings. As a result, the shelter took it upon themselves to figure out what needs to be done ahead.


“Kira’s mom used to live with a family, but they didn’t manage to take care of her and she ended up in a nursery. She no longer trusts people. Kira was born in the same nursery. If released into the wild, there’s a high probability she will die since no one taught her to hunt. Kira’s mother abandoned her babies when they were 3 days old and in the nursery, so they were fed by hand. And I took her away as soon as Kira got stronger and also first fed her with milk.”

This is so sad! It is so disheartening to know that little animals get abandoned by their own parents. Thankfully, the shelter came to the rescue, and Kira and her siblings were not all alone.

Kira and her siblings were very small and they had to be hand-fed by the staff because they were not capable of eating on their own.

Shelter made sure the babies were getting proper nutrition. Along with that, they were also putting efforts into finding a suitable and loving home for Kira and the siblings to relocate them. Having a permanent home would be healthy and better for the animals.


Luckily, Alida volunteered and decided to adopt the little Kira. There was no way little Kira could have survived the wild on her own.


“I took her from the nursery when she was 28 days old. She is smart but very stubborn. When making decisions, she focuses on herself, not me. From the very beginning, I began the process of her socialization. She saw a huge number of dogs, people, and children. We walked in different places so that she could study different smells, hear new sounds. Wolves have an innate neophobia, a fear of everything new. This is a very difficult process, long and tedious, but it is necessary so that Kira can live with me in an urban environment and feel comfortable.”

Kira was only 28 weeks old when she was adopted by Alida and welcomed into her new lovely home. Alida was committed to care and feed Kira and fulfil her needs. She started training Kira to be a disciplined domesticated pet.


“Upbringing, too, had its problems, but with age, it all goes away and the work bears fruit—Kira has a stable and mild psyche, does not react to aggression from other dogs, and does not provoke conflicts herself. She treats children very carefully and if the child is afraid of her, she doesn’t approach him.”

Oh my God, look at this cuteness! We love Kira in her new harness. She looks so insanely adorable, we cannot get our eyes off her.



To help Kira become more comfortable in all settings and be better able to interact with others, Alida started giving her more exposure. Alida wanted to invest in Kira’s proper socialization. She put Kira in the company of many other humans and kids, so Kira could get used to being around humans. She also put Kira in the company of dogs and many more animals so she becomes friendly towards stranger animals. Alida also took Kira to interesting ventures. All of this helped Kira adapt to the world and new surroundings, eliminating the fear that was filled inside her before.


Our Kira is all grown and looking so well dressed! The red suits our little one so much.


Kira found her home at last! Alida loves Kira so dearly and makes sure that Kira never goes through any day feeling alone.


“On the street, people generally react with curiosity, ask to be photographed, ask if it is dangerous to live with a wolf, and especially when there’s a child at home (I have a 7-year-old son, Bogdan.)”

Kira is a halfway grown-up now! She is 1 year old after all the struggles she has faced in her life. Now she is living an exciting life as a domesticated wolf, full of love!


Kira has a family of her own! Apart from Alida, Kira also had a 7-year old boy in her family who loves to play with her. The boy also feeds Kira with lots of delicious treats. The little boy handles Kira with a lot of care and love.

Aww, look at Kira looking at the food! Her eyes show how much she is craving the food and is waiting impatiently for her owner to throw the food in her way for her to eat.


It is not just Kira’s family that loves her. Kira’s beauty and unique look make her stand out amongst other dogs to catch a lot of attention from whoever passes by her. Everyone is mesmerized by her beauty. Most importantly, when people realize it is a wolf, they are filled with intrigue. Alida is constantly asked by curious passing strangers about her experience of living with a wolf. Having a wolf per is still a new concept.

“In real life, people react quite normally, because Kira is very friendly and doesn’t instil fear in people. But on the internet, people are both angry and stupid, they write different things. Especially after a series of reports about us, there were a lot of reports that I was acting very stupidly since I kept a predatory animal at home.”


Kira is filled with joy and giggles when her family plays with her. It is a moment of happiness for her that people give her the attention she craves!

Kira is all grown up! She has gotten so big, it is filling her with shock! Even children are having a hard picking all of Kira in one scoop. Just look at that bis smile!

First snow!


She looks so good standing on snow!

Due to her amazing socialization, Kira knows how to behave around everyone appropriately. She can recognize children and becomes extra gentle and careful while dealing with them. She can notice whether the kids are scared or calm. If they’re scared, Kira does not continue to interact with them.


Wow, Kira looks so fierce under the sun!

It looks like these two are the main characters of some action movie!


Fierce is their middle name!

Kira has become a very well-disciplined wolf. Even if other dogs are being aggressive and reacting, Kira does not indulge in it. Instead, she keeps her composure during such situations.

They both are partners in crime and Kira is Alida’s biggest support!

She is very disciplined but it also looks like she is the strongest wolf in the wild. Those eyes look stone-cold!

I take my words back. Her eyes look anything but stone-cold. Have you ever seen a wolf pose before? These photos of Kira and Alida are so beautiful! They make them appear as partners in fighting all the evil guys in the wild.


If anyone did not know that Kira was a wolf, they would have easily assumed that she was a dog. One cannot imagine a wolf being so close to a human without causing any harm. We have only seen wolves in movies and the wild. It is very rare to see people having wolves as pets. Unlike most people, Alida looks like a natural at handling a wolf! She is sitting so comfortably close to Kira, it is actually so impressive.

If any danger occurs in the forest, these two are there for the rescue!


All the credit goes to Kira’s new family. They did not give up on her and made sure she is not alone in this world.

I cannot stop looking at how Kira is actually smiling in this picture. It has warmed my heart with love and contentment. This is proof of how happy she is. She even took her tongue in happiness! With her eyes closed, it seems that Kira is enjoying the moment to her fullest. People who think that canines are unfriendly creatures, simply do not know how to bond with them. If a dog or a wolf is showered with love, taken care of, and have all his needs fulfilled, there is no way they are not going to return all that effort.

“We live with her, breaking people’s stereotypes about wolves. Is it difficult to educate such a beast competently? Highly. But I knew what I was going for: before taking her, I studied a lot of articles and information, communicated with wolf owners and kennels.”

Wow, Alida really is the perfect pet owner. Every pet needs a pet owner like Alida! Alida did all her research before adopting Kira. Alida was not going to adopt Kira and forget about the actual training part. It is important to note that Kira was not a regular pet. Kira required more care than any other animal did. It is an inherent nature in dogs and cats to get attuned to new habits and training. Unlike them, wolve requires a lot more training than these common pets. Alida was completely aware of this and committed to it. It is so impressive knowing that Alida actually researched by reading articles to ensure she is prepared and well-equipped to care for a wolf.


It was truly a blessing that Kira’s new family took her in. They took over the responsibility to take care of her and made sure she comes out good and healthy. Because of them, the recent pictures of Kira show her so healthy and strong. She seems to have gained so much confidence. The way she stands steady and straight with Alida shows how much comfort and love she has been provided. She looks so comfortable taking pictures with Alida. Kira seems like the most disciplined wolf ever. Her fur looks magnificent as ever. Kira could not have found a better family.

Didn’t this story warm your heart? It’s so nice to know that people take care of all animals and wolves, not just a few pet animals. All animals deserve protection and care. Alida has set a great example for all of us on how to take full responsibility for our pets. One should not adopt an animal to only neglect them. Pets are our children and it is a pet owner’s duty to ensure the pets are taken care of. Pets should not only be provided with necessities like food and shelter but should also be showered with love and care.

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