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Spoiled Cats That Are Living A Way Better Life Than You (50 Pics)

Cats are often stereotyped as having an attitude or arrogance that is a head and shoulders above the other pets. There’s this running joke that cats were once worshipped as gods in ancient Egypt, and they have not forgotten. It’s funny, and I thought it was an exaggeration until I got a cat myself. Turns out, he is exactly as arrogant as I thought he’d be, and then some. Why do I say that? Well, because he demands to have my attention at any time, and if I do not provide it, he’ll either pee somewhere or destroy something.


It’s the same with these cats. People posted pictures of them spoiling their cats with a lavish lifestyle, either out of love or demands, for our amusement. And if you look through all the pictures, you can tell that these cats are living their very best life, and I’d argue that they’re living a life better than you or I live. Which is saying something because cats have no concept of economics, so they have no idea what they can or cannot afford. Unreal.

Source: Reddit

#1 Bedroom

Spoiling your cat according to CatHealth:

It’s quite common for people to “spoil” their cats by giving them special treats or food or increased amounts of their regular food and treats. Cats love their food and treats, and it can be easy for humans to fall into the trap of showing love to their feline friends through diet. Unfortunately, this can lead to obesity, which is associated with many feline diseases and a shortened life span. Using food to show love isn’t spoiling your cat; it could even be harming her.

#2 Hammock


#3 Castle


#4 Couch


#5 Bowl


#6 Lick


#7 Hammock


#8 iPad


#9 Bedroom


#10 House


Here are some non-food ways to show your cat you care about her and love her that won’t negatively impact her health. In fact, they might improve it. Get some interactive cat toys and spend at least 10 minutes per day playing with your cat. Put the toys away between sessions so your cat doesn’t lose interest in them. Make sure you have enough cat scratching posts covered with the right material available for your cat to climb, scratch, and lounge on. Scratching is a major way that cats de-stress.

#11 Personal room

#12 Private plane


#13 Dishes

#14 Silverware


#15 Lobster

#16 Cozy


#17 Police box

#18 Cat nap


#19 Balance

Provide soft, comfortable beds for your cat. Especially as your cat gets older, cozy beds can help cushion aging joints. Give your cat a hiding spot from which she can watch the goings-on of the home and possibly leap out at unsuspecting passers-by, giving her hunter’s instincts some exercise. Set up your cat’s food and water so they aren’t near one another. Cats don’t like to eat near their water source. Spoil your cat even more with a water fountain. Cats love to drink running water. They also don’t like eating or drinking out of bowls that push their whiskers back continuously, causing discomfort or even pain.

#20 Rugs


#21 Goldware

#22 Dinner


#23 Naps

#24 More naps

#25 Feeding

#26 Plushies


#27 Macs


#28 House

#29 Pyramids


#30 Cola

Present your cat with a cat tree or cat condo. Put it right in front of a window so your kitty can perch and watch the goings-on both inside and out. For extra bonus points with your favorite feline, get an angled scratcher to place at the base of the tree or condo! Purrs abound when Purrfect Post is around Cats can get a little bored when we aren’t home to play with them, so you can spoil yours by getting an automated cat toy that can be programmed to come on randomly throughout the day. 

#31 Cupboard

#32 Eyes


#33 Keyboard

#34 Naps

#35 Sunlight


#36 Stare

#37 Galaxy



#39 Sunbathing

#40 Sinks

We love the Frolicat Cheese Toy for this purpose. You can’t spoil your cat with love, but your kitty will definitely feel spoiled if you spend some extra time holding, petting, and cuddling with her. Grab a lap blanket and snuggle in with your cat routinely. Set your cat up with lots of catnip and honeysuckle toys. As with the interactive toys, put these away between play sessions so your cat doesn’t become desensitized to their effects.

#41 Fish feed


#42 Music studio

#43 Photogenic

#44 Tennis matches


#45 Served dish

#46 Naps

#47 Naps anytime


#48 iPad games

#49 Waiting for the oven

#50 Bowls

What about you? Is your cat spoiled? tell us in the comments!


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