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20 Startling Facts About Our Favorite Movies That Can Leave Even Film Buffs Stupefied

Our childhood dreams were filled with magical fantasies as we watched our favorite films over and over again. No matter how many times we watch these Disney films, there is always something that catches our attention as if we are watching them for the first time. No?

But have you ever considered how much effort and time it takes to produce a single Disney Animated Film? And why is it taking so long to be released? Because the filmmakers not only create these animations, but they also conduct extensive research before releasing a movie. Yes, there are many historical stories and reasons behind some of these scenes that we are completely unaware of. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of startling facts you’ve never heard before. And we are sure that after reading these stories, you will fall in love with these films even more. So, keep scrolling down to take a look at all of this information that will definitely surprise you.

1. In Finding Nemo (2003), the dentist uses the restroom before opening the mouth of his patient without first cleaning his hands.

Via  Finding Nemo / Pixar Animation Studios

2. Carl and Ellie’s furniture in Up (2009) is shaped to reflect their personality.

Via Up / Pixar Animation Studios

It makes sense that Carl’s life revolves around the square because of his physical attributes. While on the other hand, everything around Ellie associated with her has a round form. Carl is portrayed as solid and stable, whilst Ellie is portrayed as fluid and lively.

3. There are no book names displayed in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004) because Joel can’t recall all the details.

Via Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind / Focus Features

4. Even though he’s fighting on the other side in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 (2011), Snape still helps the Order of the Phoenix.

Via  Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 / Warner Bros.

Furthermore, this can be evident in his refusal to attack, as well as his decision to redirect the magic of the Death Eaters behind him.

5. In WALL-E (2008), after lightning strikes the umbrella WALL-E is holding, the electricity from the bolt charges his battery back to full.

Via WALL·E / Pixar Animation Studios

6. The Fates warn Hades in Hercules (1997) that “In 18 years precisely, the planets will align ever so nicely,” although the film only depicts six planets. Only five planets were known to the Greeks at the time (plus Earth).

Via Hercules / Walt Disney Pictures

7. The Moon is momentarily lighted by “lightning” in The Truman Show (1998), suggesting that it is closer than it should be.

Via The Truman Show / Paramount Pictures

8. To convey her “love” for Rapunzel, Mother Goethel usually refers to her hair rather than her. When she expresses her affection, she kisses Rapunzel on the head and strokes her hair.

Via  Tangled / Walt Disney Pictures

Whereas, in Tangled film, Flynn always brushes Rapunzel’s hair away when he wants to be close to her.

Via Tangled / Walt Disney Pictures

9. Did you notice those three sticky notes on Mike’s locker in the movie Monsters Inc. (2001)? That’s to remind him to file his paperwork, which he subsequently forgets to do.

Via  Monsters, Inc. / Pixar Animation Studios

10. As seen in WALL-E (2008), you would notice that the spaceship captains served for more than a hundred years. Which depicts an increase in life expectancy.

Via WALL·E / Pixar Animation Studios

Also, notice how the body types of these commanders would change due to the way of living.

Many of the most iconic films of all time were torturous to be a part of for those involved in their creation. And if you think that you just know about each and every detail and aspect of the movies, then you are mistaken. Because these blockbuster movies contain a wealth of information, historical events, and hidden meanings that will both amuse and surprise you.

Keep scrolling down to have a look at some more facts:

11. The arcade sign in Wreck-It Ralph wishes “Svzy” (Suzy) a happy 5th birthday. The sign wishes her a happy 11th birthday in Ralph Breaks the Internet (2018), signifying a gap of six years between the films.

Via  Wreck-It Ralph / Walt Disney Pictures© Ralph Breaks the Internet / Walt Disney Pictures

12. The family tapestry in Brave (2012) depicts the evolution of Merida’s connection with her mother.

Via Brave / Walt Disney Pictures

Merida’s braided hair is depicted in the family tapestry woven by Elinor at the opening of the film. When Elinor and Merida finish weaving their new tapestry, they both have their hair down, a sign that Elinor has come to terms with her daughter’s unique character.

13. At the end of Beauty and the Beast (1991), Gaston’s eyes are filled with small skulls.

Via Beauty and the Beast / Walt Disney Pictures

14. Almost all of the shelves at the grocery store in the movie A Quiet Place (2018) are empty, except for the ones with rustling bags. This is due to the fact that people were reluctant to open them due to fear of making a noise.

Via A Quiet Place / Paramount Pictures

15. In Inside-Out (2015), in Imagination Land, the house of cards has face cards of Riley and her parents.

Via Inside Out / Pixar Animation Studios

16. In The Incredibles (2004), all of the characters’ superpowers mirror their perspective on life.

When it comes to taking care of her three children and her husband, Elastigirl is forced to stretch in all directions. Meanwhile, Mr. Incredible strives to be strong enough for everyone. Violet goes invisible, Dash has super-speed since he’s always moving, and Jack-Jack, despite being a baby, has various powers because he has so many opportunities.

17. When Oliver Wood releases the Golden Snitch in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone (2001), Harry Potter is able to trace its location accurately while Oliver Wood glances around. This demonstrates Harry’s inherent natural propensity for being a seeker.

Via Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone / Warner Bros.

18. The moment where Shrek is being shot with an arrow in Shrek (2001) signifies that he falls in love with Fiona.

Via Shrek / DreamWorks Animation

19. Lilo in Lilo & Stitch (2002) has a reason for feeding the fish her sandwiches.

Via Lilo and Stitch / Walt Disney Pictures

When it rains, Lilo thinks Pudge, a fish, is in charge of the weather. Because her parents were killed in a car accident caused by slick roads, she feeds him sandwiches to make him feel better and to prevent another tragedy like the one that claimed their lives.

20. Although Captain Jack Sparrow appears to be permanently inebriated in the Pirates of the Caribbean films (2003-2017), he often stumbles because of his sea legs.

Via  Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End / Walt Disney Pictures

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