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13 Purr-normal Stories About Cats That’ll Make You Stop & Think

Cats have been our buddies since the longest of times. If you have some at home… or even one, by now you’d be completely familiar with what your cat likes, dislikes, and is capable of doing. There’s no doubt that cats can be a bit moody and picky, but most of the times, you would know pretty much what they want and when. But sometimes things happen out of the blue that you might’ve never even thought about.


As much as cats can be totally predictable with their attacks, they can also be very unforeseeable. They come off as surprise at times we don’t even expect them to. They also manage to do and get away with things that no human mind can fathom. And yep! That is very true. We know it because we’ve seen it. So are you ready to encounter the weirdest stories about cats that are guaranteed to make you think twice?

If so, keep scrolling to know what this is all about. Most importantly, what cats are all about. We’ve gathered the 13 weirdest, most surprising stories of cats from the Weird Facts. You’re gonna love this.

1. What a blessing to have this cat.

It could just have meow-ed?

2. Oh what these claws can do! *sigh*


Would be great to get some serious help from these cats.

3. A dog sent straight from heaven.


Bless her soul!

4. Uh, Nawt to worry!


This cat has fall under control.

5. Everybody loves some cat head smell.


Where can we sign up for these?

6. We can’t help falling in love with these…


The PURR-PETRATORS of our hearts.

Perfect how these cats have been going everywhere and making sure everyone falls in love with them while they’re there…or not. In any case we’re totally having fun looking at these purrfect moments that are all about cats. There are more if you’re wondering. So go ahead and keep scrolling.

7. Cats…cats…everywhere.


First took over our lives and now the stations too!?! It’s okay with us.

8. Not all heroes wear capes.


This one runs a shelter.

9. Got mail?


We seriously wonder whyyy.

10. This just proves….


Cats can get you through anything.

11. We have a senior citizen here?

These babies are the best thing to exist till date.

12. Sometimes, the cats need love too


And this man is right in love with these cats.

13. Way to go man!!!

No, we don’t approve of this. But the cats didn’t mind, did they?

There! You see how these cats are doing wonders? From making others happy and helping others to pretty much everything. These little four-legged creatures are pretty surprising. They can really catch us off guard. And even with that, we can’t help but love them even more. Almost like they know how to win other’s hearts. We’re glad to tell that they have succeeded. Did these stories shock you too? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


Image credits: Weird Facts.


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