10+ Stories About Rude Guests That’ll Make You Want To Live Like A Hermit

Who knew guests could be this rude?

While we all know people come from all different backgrounds and that can affect how nice they are. But there are some basic manners that everyone should know about and these stories prove that some people are too far gone.

From hiding a poop stained quilt in the closet to emptying the fridge without asking, these people sound like guests from hell. I’m sure we’ve all had guests over that we ‘have’ to be kind to, but they are complete a**holes to us. However, these guests take the art of being rude and disgusting to a whole new level.

These stories will surely make you want to live like a hermit and not have anyone over ever again. Reddit is where this question was asked, and many answered in minutes. As we cannot read every story, we compiled the best of the best for you.

So scroll on below and take a look.

Source: Reddit

#1 How funny would have the mother found it if she had to pay for the damages, I wonder.

#2 Was the guy that stupid that he couldn’t understand one simple request?

#3 No one would want to speak to a person like this ever again.

#4 Only idiots do this.

#5 Why not just tell that your daughter had an accident?

#6 He was probably drunk. That’s the only explanation that makes sense. 

#7 So a holiday where the fight nonstop? Sounds perfect.

#8 Hopefully, you are still friends with them.

#9 Who dyes their hair at another person’s home?

#10 Maybe he didn’t know how to use the toilet paper?

#11 Wow, that is just inconsiderate. 

#12 It’s always the old fashioned ones.

#13 A glass half full kind of person, aren’t you?

#14 Did he not feel embarrassed? 

#15 At least you called child protective services.

Have any stories about rude guests you want to share? Well, comment down below and let us know.

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