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26 Times Cats Were Found Doing Strangest Things And Their Owners Took Pictures For Proof

Cats can be really weird.

They really can. I mean, most people adopt cats with the assumption that they will behave normally, the way all the other pets do. But no, you are really in for a ride for the rest of your life when you adopt a cat. I have no idea how some people still think it would be very boring if they got a cat in the house. All the soothing pictures of cats chilling by the window, sleeping peacefully on a comfortable bed and looking super adorable in a photoshoot done in the sunlight, and a lot more actually end up deceiving us into thinking cats behave normally and that there would nothing exciting about them. I am sorry people but you are very wrong. That independent personality of a cat, alone, is enough to keep us entertained for the rest of our lives. And that is because their high confidence level, almost always, results in some very hilarious moments as they turn from acting normal to very strange.


Trust me, go ask any cat owner how they feel about having a cat in their house. All of them will say their lives changed forever and for the good. When cats decide to d weird stuff, we get excited because it results in a lot of new cat content.

Today we are going to enjoy our feline best friends being very weird and strange. Scroll down below to enjoy!

1. He just can’t help it and looks like he gets mad every time his owners laugh at him about it.

Via Lucero Quezada / Facebook

2. A lot runs through their minds all the time so we can’t really tell if they are just being weird or putting some enchantments in place.


Via Brenda Tejeda / Facebok

3. How on earth would that be comfortable? Oh, I forgot. Pancho is a cat.


Via Paula Figueroa / Facebook

4. Just goes on to show how innocent cats can be. Oh, I mean dumb.


Via Mária Claudia García / Facebook

5. As soon as the cat enters your house, it then becomes the cat’s house and you operate according to their satisfaction.


Via Ilibet Crespo / Facebook

6. You cannot study when I am around. When I am around, we only play.


Via Cecilia Santiago / Facebook

7. Coco is a believer. You don’t need skills to be a believer.


Via Ana Ivis – Ana Ivis / Facebook

8. Oh my god, another case of a cat who loves to sleep in plastic bags. Is this a thing among cats that I am not aware of?


Via Mary Cortez / Facebook

9. There is absolutely no doubt about it. Who lays down to relax and contracts their entire body?


Via LV Laura – LV Laura / Facebook

10. Only that particular plant. Not the most comfortable of beds nor the plastic bags. It has to be that specific plant.


Via Anny Perez / Facebook

11. Tono is an adventurous cat and a total diva.

Via Guillermo Jimenez Redondo / Facebook

12. Naya is a dreamer. If you believe in your dreams, you become your dream. As can be seen in the picture down below, she is now Spider-Man.


Via Nancy Mata / Facebook

13. Well he does have the mask on. So he doesn’t look like Batman, he is Batman.

Advertisement by UDM

Via Sonia Emilia Osorio Silva / Facebook

Cats are literally creatures of their own mind. Don’t even think there will come a day that they will conform to anyone else’s norm. They have their own and they respect them very much. Normally if we see someone acting weird or strange, we maintain our distance. But with cats, the weirdness attracts us even more. That is cat magic for you, ladies and gentlemen.

Let’s enjoy some more pictures of cats being weird. I mean, cats being cats.

14. I swear this is the weirdest and random thing I have heard about a cat.


Via Shely Samud / Facebook

15. No you must not put that evil thing on my precious floor.

Via Sandra Ibarguen / Facebook

16. They try to keep each body part as far away from the other one.


Via Juan Carlos Dvorak / Facebook

17. If there is an opening, a cat will capitalize on that opportunity

Via Cris Soler / Facebook

18. Kings claim thrones. And so did Tommy.


Via George Acosta / Facebook

19. Mommy, don’t you forget the belly rubs that put me to sleep.

Via Natalia Periolo / Facebook

20. Some habits never change.


Via Nänä Löndöñö / Facebook

21. No, he is not looking at you in hunger. He is just being very careful, making sure you don’t eat anything unhealthy or bad.

Via Sandra Ibarguen / Facebook

22. I am pretty sure they fail to sleep if they don’t get into this position.


Via Faby Chavez Ferreira / Facebook

23. I thought Nemo was another cat in the house or his favorite toy until I saw the picture. It’s that animated fish that he loves so dearly.

Via Karol Ibáñez Alkaine / Facebook

24. You can’t really do anything about things once the cat has made its decision.

Via Cintia Rossetti / Facebook

25. Okay now that is very cute.

Via Faby Chavez Ferreira / Facebook

26. This cat is a legend.


Via Luz Armida Urtusuástegui Pérez / Facebook

I really hope you guys enjoyed this one. Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments section down below.

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