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13 Hilarious Incidents Of Animals Understanding The Word ‘No’ And Not Caring

Animal owners thinks that their pets don’t understand them. When you look into your cat eyes when it is going to drop one of your favorite tea cup or a plate and your cat take a look back in your eyes as you are just completely out of your mind and does it anyway because they don’t understand what you are trying to say. Some animals are way smarter but we don’t acknowledge it. So here we have some stories that will show you that your pet completely understand what they are doing but they do it anyway, because they are stupid but what can one do, things we do for love is out of question

1. Smart Parrot

Font - wow-david Follow My parrot has a vague understanding of the word “no." He knows to stop doing what he's doing when he hears it, and he knows how to say it. He knows it's a word that is used when he's doing something he shouldn't be doing. However, being told “no" doesn't make him stop doing it in future. If he's ever out of my sight or if l'm not paying attention, I know exactly when he's doing something bad. Because he says "no" to himself as he does it.
At least this owner gets the warning of his parrot doing crazy stuff

2. Clever Pigeon

Smile - astromechdroid-r2d2 Follow My pigeon has the same understanding. He knows he has to stop whatever he's doing when I say “no". Sometimes he stops, sometimes he doesn't, cause he's a little bitch. Sadly, he's a pigeon thus he can't speak. But I love that apparently, this is a thing with birds. ^

3. We all have that one ignorant cat

Rectangle - elena1701a Follow My cat understands the word "no", because she will stop what she's doing, look at me, then go back to whatever she was doing!

4. That’s how you deal with lectures

Human body - spaghet-dad Follow Whenever my birb is being scolded he pauses to listen to the lecture and then starts dancing immediately afterwards

5. This dog is helpless over her habit

Font - Othe-duchess0 Follow This just reminds me so much of my dog. She loves going into the garden but knows full well that she's not allowed to bark at people walking past the fence. When she did, we used to send her back inside and tell her to go to her cushion. Now however, whenever she's outside and barks at the fence, she'll walk herself in and lays down on her cushion before anyone said anything. Like... you could have just not barked? Then you were allowed to stay outside?

6. I feel bad for this parrot

Font - thewitchway Follow Our African Grey used to rattle his water dish around in his cage and spill water EVERYWHERE and directly yell “STOP IT!" He must have assumed "stop it" was the term for "rattling the water bowl and spilling water" because when he got a new cage he could now longer play that trip and never said that again.

7. This little bird is savage

Font - asterroc Follow OMG if Kappa could talk, this would definitely be her. She's a dusky conure, and conures are right at the edge of big/smart enough to talk, and females are less talkative than males, so no real words for her. Unlike the cockatiels I had before her, she definitely knows and understands the things l'm telling her, and makes a conscious choice to do other than what l'm asking. The cockatiels either understood me and did what I wanted, or didn't understand me and that's the on

8. She’s an attention seeker

Font - You can see it in her face, the furtive way she looks at me while doing something she knows she's not supposed to be doing, the way she'll be actively doing *thing* and making loud noises while doing it when l'm not paying attention to her, but the instant I turn away from my computer to her she suddenly goes quiet, or furtively runs away from what she was doing. It's hilarious.

9. All cats are thrill lover

Font - circe154 Follow Cats are the same way. No just means to do it when you're not looking. ninety-eightpointsix Follow Depending on the cat, they'll even do it while you're looking, not because they're unaware of the rules, but because they like to test their limits. Like when you catch them on the table, they won't jump off, they'll sit there and maintain eye-contact, waiting for you to make the next move. At least my cats do.

10. Stubborn bird doesn’t listen to the owner

Font - violetsbisme Follow My sunconure is like this, 'no' is one of the words she can actually say. Except when i tell her no she either screams at me or tells it back. I tried saying "HEY!" In a very firm voice since she started doing it but now she can say hey. The only vocals she knows so far are 'no, hey, yup! And a bunch of booping and screeches and clicking.' Besides always getting into stuff and me having to tell her to knock it off shes a good girl and i love her to the moon and back.

11. This cat knows how to tell on himself

Font - blueandbluer Follow My cat Mort had a very specific meow he used when he was about to do something he knew was naughty. I would hear it across the house and be like "Mort? What are you up to" and find him chewing plastic, sharpening claws on the furniture, or something else he knew wasn't allowed. I called it "telling on himself."

12. Kuka never understands

Font - grinningbobcat Follow I work at a vets office and we have an African Grey Parrot named Kuka that lives in the lobby. He loves to rip down boxes and bags of inventory on the shelves behind him and before he pulls them off he says “No, Kuka! Stop that!" because that's what we yell to him every time he does it.

13. She knows it’s bad but still does it

Rectangle - positivityoutlet Follow My bird will do something similar. When she tries to bite at people toes, she'll go "eHH" because that what we say when she does it and she knows it's bad.
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All animals have the tendency to recognize your sound and somehow interpret it but the problem lies with them not responding to it. After all they are animals, if you own a pet a bird or a cat does it exhibit the same kind of behavior? Let us know your favorite story and comment your thoughts in the comment section below.

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