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20 Adorable Photos That Show You The Sweet Side Of Animals

Animals do not only look sweet on the outside, they are sweeter from inside.

Good morning to all the animal lovers out there. Wake up. It’s time for some animal photos. You might have seen a catto sleeping in a planter or a dog acting crazy but this time you are going to see something different. Something that you have never seen before. Today, we have 20 photos of adorable animals that will show you their sweet side that you may have never seen before. We are already warning you, prepare yourself because you are going to be hit with cuteness galore. Scroll down at your own risk. We are not responsible if you fall in love with one of these animals.

1. “Russian woman befriends bear that she rescued from a safari park, now they go fishing together. They have a strong bond and are almost inseparable.”

Via u/its_muh_username

Once an animal befriends you, it’s hard they leave your side ever.

2. “My golden brings me this old rug every time I come home to wish me a warm welcome.”


Via u/poluplava

Every dog comes up with a unique way to welcome its owners. But this one is cute.

3. “Phantom of the opera”


Via u/TwoTimeToj

4. “I work at a local animal shelter. Iris wouldn’t let me put her back down during the entirety of my shift.”


Via u/BigTool

Volunteer: Iris, there are other animals too that I need to look after. Can you please leave me?

Iris: No.

5. Kittens are the sweetest things on Earth.


Via u/wcollins260

6. Adorable, little cloud of love.


Via u/Zaraki42

7. We want our mornings to start like this:


Via u/MarloweSL

8. Just a 15 minute old baby lamb.


Via u/Next-Caterpillar-393

9. Cat: I will take care of my baby sister.


Via u/m1le_B

“My wife just sent me this picture of our daughter and cat. I’m crying at work!”

10. When you are obsessed with bread:


Via u/jarus475

Do we need to explain how sweet and lovely animals can get? They are the sweetest once they build a bond with you. They would love you, ask for your attention, look at you with love, take care of you and whatnot. They are just the sweetest when it comes to showing love. You can’t beat them at being sweet. Animals don’t lie and their vibe tells us how sweet and innocent they are.

11. “Baby bunny who slipped into my garage while the door was open. Gently removed and placed back in shrubs with siblings.”

Via u/tuyaux1105

Never knew baby bunnies can be this cute and this tiny.

12. Meet Albert, the derpy boi.


Via u/Zaraki42

13. A gentleman is sitting with a lady:

Via u/vladgrinch

14. This beautiful baby deserves some belly rubs.


Via u/blonde141

15. “I haven’t swept the house in a very long time.. found this huge dust bunny under the couch”

Via u/LadiesMan-2I7

Sometimes you find expensive things under the couch. Ladies, don’t forget to sweep under the couch. You might find a kitty there.

16. “If heaven exists then this what u see at its gates”


Via u/AryamanShetty

17. If your cat sleeps on your leg, don’t move it.

Via u/kjack5538

18. Returning home after a long day feels like:


Via u/thasonn

19. “Hello I know I’m different but my beautiful heart and soul is full of love and happiness for you”

Via u/Kroom_208_yt

We believe this one-eyed doggo. He looks mischievous.

20. When she refuses to leave daddy’s side:


Via u/dittidot

Does your pet show its sweet side? If you have any pictures of them being sweet to you, share them with us. Also, comment down to let us know which of the animals from our list got your attention.


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