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Hilarious And Heartwarming Tales Of Dogs Who Returned To Their Home After Going Missing

Home is where the heart is. 

This is something that holds true for most species. Even dogs, if you by what these dogs did. Usually, we fear our pets getting lost. After all, there are always so many cases of cats or dogs going missing. And since there is always a high percentage chance that you may never find them. That is why it is necessary to keep them safe and in your home if they are not used to going outside or don’t know how to go back home.


However, sometimes even after taking all the precautions that one can, your dog or cat may still get lost. That is the moment that can break down even the strongest among us. As these pets are a part of our family, it is like losing your child. But these people got to see their fluffy children once again. In some cases, it only took a few days, while in others, they were reunited after many years.

There are many stories similar to the scenario mentioned above, which you can see below.

#1 This sheep herding dog was found at the place their house burned down.

Via Roland Tembo Hendel

#2 He came home only hours after he got lost.

Via Cowdimples31

#3 He even got to have a ride in the car.

Via dog_rates

#4 Look at how happy he is to see her after two weeks.

Via Jackson Friends of the Animal Shelter

#5 This good boy found the neighbours missing dog.

Via Unsolicitedbuttstuff

#6 The joy on her face is because she saw him after two years.

Via mcacshelter,THELindaHarmon

#7 Kids can form deep bonds with their dogs.

Via april.elizabeth.140

#8 A Fedex driver helped this dog get back home.

Via akd7791

#9 This dog who was lost in the woods got rescued by a stranger.

Via butterscotcheggs

#10 Those are the tears of joys as he gets to see his baby after 7 months.

Via wcjcas

#11 True love right here.

Via jacobo

#12 Their truck was stolen with the dog inside. Both were safely recovered.

Via riv0719

#13 Even after getting lost because of a torndao, this puppers was found.

Via Eric Johnson
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#14 When you find your dog after two days.

Via troberson496

#15 They found each other again after four years.

Via mike.plas.5

#16 He might have spent twenty months in the wilderness but now he is home.

Via Erin Rotondi Braun

#17 He gets to see his hooman after seven months.

Via MissVictoriaE

#18 Zoe is safe and sound after a year.

Via Rebecca Lynn Curlew,Rebecca Lynn Curlew

#19 Six years is a long time but not for this baby.

Via YOUR Humane Society SPCA

#20 He ran away because of getting scared but got home to wait for the family.

Via rocker285

#21 Running away for a day is hard work.

Via D0NW0N

#22 Gone for more than a day, now happy in his hoomans arms.

Via oshoney

#23 Three years is a long time but dogs don’t forget.

Via wcjcas

#24 She was found after 13 days because of a coat her owner left for her.

Via boredpcguy

#25 This is what happiness looks like.

Via crisolice

This is why people should put a microchip on their pets. At the same time, it doesn’t always safeguard your pet against getting lost. But if your pet finds its way to a shelter, they will check for a chip. Most of these people found their dogs just because of a chip. And there is no need to worry about the fact that your pet may not recognize you after so many years. After all, dogs have excellent memories when it comes to smell and will remember you if they had a good impression of you beforehand.

#26 These two are back together after she got lost in the woods.

Via CheeseburgerKarma94

#27 Anyone would be nervous seeing their long lost dog after eight years.

Via Miami Herald

#28 These are tears of joy.

Via otisthepugsf

#29 The dog wants to keep holding her after being lost for three days.

Via aubreyxo89

#30 The family is ecstatic to see their floof back home after six long years.

Via Humane Society of North Texas

#31 This dog has grown up a lot after ten years.


#32 This dog found his owner after two days at the office.

Via ryk.goddard,ryk.goddar

#33 The doggo is certainly happy to see the owner.

Via AnnabelsKeeper

#34 She found her way home after two days.

Via jvrang

#35 This reunion was seven years in the making.

Via manuel.vejar.967,Manuel Veja

#36 This floof wants to never let go after many weeks being alone.

Via 374756619256467

#37 He got hit by a truck and run away but is now healthy and safe at home.

Via p1percub,p1percub

#38 They got lost 23 km away from the hiking trail.

Via kaygwthrwaway

#39 Honey found her owner after seven years.

Via City of San Antonio Animal Care Services

#40 Scar is back home because of some help from strangers.

Via haleyhammerhand

#41 Found her after eight years.

Via janice0852

#42 This dog was back home in the same day.

Via bekkawyles

#43 When you get tired after being lost for two days.

Via MattRedd_i

#44 She found her home after five days.

Via Artkinn

#45 She is happy to see her family after a month.

Via smash_and_crash22

#46 They never stopped searching for her and found her after three years.


#47 Bonnie was found after more than six years.

Via TerringtonVets,TerringtonVets

#48 The children are happy to be with their dog after five days.

Via laura.foster.56

#49 Another one who was lost for five days.

Via i_cant_name_stuff

#50 The dog was kidnapped but got reunited with his owner.

Via NSW Police Force,NSW Police Force

Doesn’t this sort of stuff warm your heart? I know it certainly makes me belive in humanity. Has your pet ever been lost? If so how did you find them? Comment down below and let us know.


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