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15 Hilarious Online Shopping Betrayals And We Are Convinced Not To Trust The Ads Ever

Don’t judge a product by its ad.

This quarantine has made us all hooked to online shopping and for the right reasons, I’d say. We get too much times on our hands with no real thing to do except for sitting leisurely in front of our mobile or laptop screens to do work from home or taking online classes. But, what to do in the rest of the day? You definitely can’t sit in home 24×7 with your bored ass and do nothing. As the free time increased our screen times too, people are more addicted to buying things online than ever. Internet is full of advertisements of millions of products that keep popping in the middle of everything your are watching or scrolling on your phone.


While most of the products appear catchy and amazing online, they aren’t half as good as they look in ads when you finally receive them. For this reason, online shopping is always tricky. You never know what are you going to receive and the only thing you can really do is ‘hope’ It takes time for you to know which websites can be trusted to order things from online, but till then you keep experiencing a mix of good and bad purchases. You must have seen people sharing their online shopping experiences and most of the times they are bad. Well, bad for the people who bought the stuff, but for others it can be hilarious too.

Scroll down to see what people expected and what they got from online.

#1 They actually look so devoid of cream, why not change the name to dry drops.

© Kloerke / reddit

#2 That seems blander than the baby food, lol.

© Captain_Gerbil / reddit

#3 And there are times when stars align in your favor.

© RaccoonGrabbyHands / reddit

Sometimes, you do get the product that looks exactly like the one in advertisement. And honestly, it’s the best feeling the world. To get what you ordered. Otherwise you get disappointed like these people who ordered products online. Scroll down to see more.

#4 Not even close to the real one.

© alxnnxo / reddit

#5 Drill that too was of plastic.

© BRBimRELOADIN / reddit

#6 It is okay as far as it tastes good.

© benjchelt / reddit

#7 This cracks me up, lmao.

© Jasonfrost3425 / reddit

#8 They didn’t even try to make it look close to the real one.

© powercleansoap / reddit

#9 Well, stir and give it a chance.

© PutASausageIn**t / reddit

#10 Not even close.

© Stonetheflamincrows / reddit

#11 Only a hint of pink though.

© Huns26 / reddit

#12 What monstrosity am I witnessing here?!

© drewsoulman / reddit

#13 They should’ve put more effort.

© PlexFD / reddit

#14 This is disappointing and funny at the same time.

© Pluto_Rage / reddit

#15 Tissues that were not cut, pfft.

© KeepingToasty / reddit

#16 More like a donkey.

© O351USMC / reddit

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