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Teen Gets Reunited With Her Long-Lost Childhood Cat At An Animal Shelter

Miracles do happen.

The kind of events and incidents that seem to defy any kind of logical and scientific thinking is called Miracles. Something that can not be explained scientifically and anything that is beyond the understanding of a human mind is attributed to an omnipotent being. They are called divine interventions.


Many relate it to religion and many people think it is just nature playing tricks with us. Many have a staunch belief in miracles and many do not believe in miracles at all but they do happen to us every day, in many little ways. We do not acknowledge them but wonders never cease. Just like that, something totally unusual and big like a miracle happened to a teen girl.

Hannah Rountree was just 12-year old when her dearest pet cat ran away from their home whilst she was away with her family on a vacation. Spunky was an adorable white and black house cat. When Hannah returned back home she could not find Spunky at home so her family tried everything in their will to try to find Spunky somehow but they could not. Hannah was distressed but she had accepted her faith with a little hope in her heart that Spunky would come home eventually.

1. Here is 12-year old Hannah with her cat Spunky.

After she lost Spunky, Hannah’s love for animals grew as she got older. Now at 15-year old, Hannah decided to volunteer at an animal shelter. It was her second shift at Saving Grace Pet  Adoption Center one day and she had no idea what was waiting for her.

Hannah had played with many cats before but she was mysteriously drawn to this one specific white and black cat at the shelter that day. She was oddly familiar and captivating, something about her attracted Hannah towards her.

“I was like, is that my cat? It literally looks so much like Spunky,” Hannah thought.

Hannah decided to give it another chance just for the sake of Spunky and the word got around. The shelter staff investigated it and found out that this, in fact, was Hannah’s cat Spunky. Hannah could not contain her happiness when the staff broke this news to her. She was overly excited to have her beloved cat after 3 years apart.

The shelter staff thought Spunky was a stray cat and they named her Bear. She was adopted but her new owners gave her back. This time, luckily, Hannah was around.

2. Spunky sniffing her real owner after 3 very long years!


“It’s just perfect that she was able to find her pet while helping us.” Said the director of the shelter, Wendy Kang.

Spunky was welcomed back home with extremely happy Hannah and her delighted parents. “He’s very comfortable…I knew he would just perk up and remember,” Said Hannah, joyously. “It was just fate, I feel like.”

3. Hannah recreated her childhood photo with spunky.


Ah, tears of joy! I am ecstatic and so happy for Hannah and her beloved cat Spunky. Such a cute cat she is. It proves my point that miracles happen. Do not ever give up. Let us know your thoughts on this story in the comments down below. Do you believe in miracles?


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