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This Artist Create Terrifying Body Art And The Results Are Breathtaking

Our body is a canvas. 

While some people get tattoos or do makeup to play with their canvas so to say, others choose to create something beautiful with body paint. The artist we are featuring today falls into the latter category. We have all seen body paints done before but this is different since they are creating imagery that is out of this world rather than a usually humanoid shape. 


It honestly looks mesmerizing and I couldn’t even peel my eyes away from the pictures when I first looked at the art. The artist goes by the name Craft Diego on their social media and their work is not only majestic but also is underlined with creepy imagery that complements everything perfectly. You can see what I am talking about yourself by scrolling below.

Source: Facebook | Instagram 

#1 I am not sure what to even call this except pure magic.

#2 We are not even able to see the human underneath all the paint.


#3 They have managed to create something entirely unique on their body.


#4 This sort of reminds me of the Titans in the anime but is much more terrifying.


Apparently, they have big dreams that they still haven’t achieved yet and they are improving every day. However, I can’t even imagine them doing any better because this is already out of this world. They have over 8000 followers on Instagram but they deserve way more than what they have right now. So I would definitely recommend going to their Instagram and showing them some support. 

Because they definitely deserve way more appreciation for their beautiful work.

#5 It is almost as if their art is popping off the picture.


#6 We can’t even imagine the work and time it must take to create one of these pieces.


The artist lives in Mexico and I honestly would love to have prints of their artworks. Although they might never do that. I mean, their talent with a paintbrush is amazing. It is already hard enough to paint something but to do it on a canvas like their own body with grooves and creases makes it much harder.

Hopefully, they will get the recognition they deserve soon enough as their social media grows and they get to achieve the aforementioned big dreams.

#7 But is definitely a feast for our eyes to see this beautiful work come to life.


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