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21 Things Cats Have That Other Animals Can’t Brag About

There is a lot our kitty friends have in common but still, every cat is different and beautiful to its owner. Feline behavior is growing out to be a prominent area of interest for researchers. Despite the efforts, not all is known about cats’ different behaviors and traits but to our knowledge, there are a few qualities that most cats have in common.

A cat’s personality is probably the most mysterious and diverse one. Although humans still haven’t been able to deduce all aspects of a cat’s personality however there are some charms known to be peculiar to a cat’s charisma. It is through these charms they take us under their spell and we don’t complain about living under them either. Here’s a list of things that makes these kitties so special and no other animal is as captivating!

Scroll down to see how these graceful feline highnesses are too charming to be considered ordinary!

1. Introducing you to the new member of the Justice league, THE BAT CAT

via bumblefoot99

2. Cats are heavenly beauties, literally

via  Shoooric

Straight outta’ heaven

3. Trying to hide her darker side

via Sirururur

4. “They meditate several hours per day and can easily help us get to nirvana with their purring”

via clarkie96_

5. Mode killer kitty activate

6. The reason we all surrender before the feline masters

via  arthik

You do it or you bear these stares all day long

7. Oh spirits of kitty lord bless us with eternal power

via winnick

Now we get where do they get the power to keep us on our toes

8. They’ll teach you a lesson if you ever refuse to them

via figurist 

That ‘ no regrets ‘ face though!

9. Even the dogs don’t dare when their purring sibling around is around

via Allyousee

What a sweet boy that doggo is, he exactly knows what the consequences would be if tried to get that treat before his kitty brother

10. Not in the mood to socialize, Hooman

via supersquee

Don’t even ask again

11. A soft couch, indeed

via rozasmerti

They’ll fit in perfectly, they don’t need your consent or any instructions

12. Loaf of bread or loaf of a kitten?

via LampaKota

Cats aren’t just usual animals you can domesticate as pets, they are very smart creatures who are capable of trickling into your soul through those dead stares. No other animal can make those utterly disgusted faces better than a cat if they are angry or annoyed at you or loaf out at the oddest places around the house. The quality of shamelessly wrecking things and then acting totally normal is also characteristic of cats. Well, there’s a lot to love about our purring canines which makes us want to forget their stubbornness and badass behavior. No other pet can be as clingy as a cat, nobody can match those kitty cuddles and the non-stop craziness of having a cat around is yet another guilty pleasure a cat person wouldn’t want to give up on.

13. You’ll find him where the wild things are

via petsncharge

14. The oscar for the most dramatic performance definitely goes to this one, right here

via Barking_Yogurtsquirt

Nothing changes faster than a cat’s mood, You’ll catch him cuddling and snuggling after 5 minutes

15. Eye candy

via Kimisagamer

16. My cat trying to figure out why am I obsessed with her

via Savannaman1 

That ‘Are you fur-real, human?’ expression is priceless

17. They exactly know how to loathe us into  the belly scratches

via molly590

What an actor!

18. She is pretty clear that she wasn’t a kitten (kidding)

via northead 

19. The usual morning yoga sessions

via Kaibyou

20. That one-time cat decides to sleep in its bed rather than sleeping in the oddest spots ever, around the house

via Chereshnya55

21. They’ll find their way into the family in no time

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What made you want to have a cat as a pet, what appeals to you the most about your kitty? Do let us know in the comments section below!


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