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Pet Owners Recall The Funniest Thing They’ve Said To Their Pets

Having pets at home is a delightful experience. Animals are excellent companions to reduce the feeling of loneliness and to cheer yourself up in the darker times. Pets with their varied behaviors and actions do make the dull usual days a lot better. There’s always something amusing about them, no matter what pet animal you have. Apart from just enjoying their presence around you, you must have also randomly caught yourself talking to them. That’s something pretty natural since you live together, it’s like being with each other through thick and thin.

Our Animal friends can be absolutely bizarre at times, which makes us say things that would sound silly being said to an animal. It’s said that if your pet is close to you, it’ll always try to respond in its own way. Of course, in the little talks we have with our pet animals, they don’t really have an understanding of what’s being said but they do have an idea of the tone. There are so many things owners say to their pets during the day, it could be out of frustration or love, but they sound absolutely hilarious being said to a pet. Here’s a discussion thread from one of the pet owner communities that came together to tell stories about some of the funniest things they have said to their pets.

Without any delay go through the thread, we’re sure you’ll be able to relate to these instances too!

1. Use your words, that too, wisely

via Whitney Fulton

2. — Said every dog owner

via Angel Lattaro

3. For my post-bath spin-dry

via Jessica Wilson

4. Now you’re just being a di*k here

via Jeremy Bethune

5. Being bitterly sweet

via Marcia Lorainne

6. He has been calm ever since

via Lisa Akers

7. A day in the life of a cat parent

via Cheryl Twigg

8. Keeping the life with cats at home and life as a biker totally separate

via Gail Ann Pippin

9. Giving reality checks to the pet dog which has to bark at every passing squirrel

via Renee Day

10. Like he’ll get used to of those

via Gail Ann Pippin

11. What an adorable meet n greet that is!

via Amber Boggs

12. Can’t even process, assuring a dog that it’s okay to sniff donut holds? Hilarious!

via Heidi M. Shields

13. Little piece of fur

via Danyka Lewis

14. No wonder, the neighbor has a funny pet story to share too

via Tara Gilbar

15. Your man successfully has been taken over

via Susan MacDonald

Oh my, these are so relatable! If only these animals could give witty responses, man it would have been a rib-tickling conversation. These exhausted pet parents seem to have had enough and want a serious answer from their non-human babies!

16. But that’s not how he has been taking her

via Kristan Gipp

17. Knives are only for dog-moms

via Sara Herbst

18. Can’t help, boob walks are squishier than the bed even

via Sara Horseman

19. Explaining to them the family tree

via Paul Hudson

20. Won’t stop even if there’s a hurricane

via Deejay Driscoll

21. She must be so thankful for not being a human

via Anita L. Russell

22. Neither are the birds making her happy by flying past her territory

via Kathleen Thompson

23. The smile says it all, no regrets

via Lili Schmidt

24. I get why ancient Egyptian philosophy links cats and snakes together

via Betsy Zeeryp-Frollo

25. He’ll have a friend one, woof

via Adam Dunlap

26. The most affectionate sheepdog, ever

via Alyssa Smith

27. Don’t give me that look for the 490865th time

via Deidra R. Cooper

28. Too good to be a goat

via Crystal Lewis Watford

29. Frost-tail

via Cindy Linstad Schmidt

30. What the cat says matters more since cats are the real bosses

via Elizabeth C. Crippen

31. What having more than 2 children looks like

via Robin Pischel

32. Me and my dog trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle

via Laura Sherritt

Pet owners saying things to their animals in a human tone sounds freakishly hilarious, even the owner recalling the moments can hold back the humor in tone. This mostly happens when little fuzzies through their actions make the owners go bonkers, however, cuddling sessions and usual days around the house also include worth mentioning conversations between the two.

What is that one thing you said to your pet which still makes you laugh out loud, from when you were being insanely innocent and brutally straightforward towards your animal or saying something that it couldn’t have understood in a thousand years? We’d love to laugh over it a little louder!


What do you think?