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10+ Things People Saw On The Subway That WIll Make You Look Twice

Subway is a crazy, crazy place.

I mean people just don’t know when to stop.  I get that everyone is different, but you’ll be amazed to see all the things that people brought on the subway. From peacocks to ducks, no pet is safe from a ride on the subway.


And not just that, you’ll see a whole lot of ill-adviced costumes. Even though I am pretty sure, it wasn’t Halloween; however, there was clearly something these people were celebrating.  I honestly have no words to describe what is happening in these pictures properly.

So rather than listening to me babble on, scroll down below and take a look for yourself. Fair warning, this might make you want to ride the subway next time to see all the crazy.

#1 Potterheads should all unite on the subway!

#2 If I am honest, I will consult him too because I seriously need some emotional advice. 

Via dashodie

#3 Why is this dog so alone? I feel bad for him. 

Via ohsureyoudo

#4 Okay, If this happened to me, I’d probably look up from my phone. 

Via BookerDeWittsCarbine

#5 This is adorable but why is the guy looking at his phone? He has a goddamn fox on his lap!

Via IosifMarianna

#6 I am honestly so confused right now, Where are the legs? 

Via sallem654

#7 Muggles don’t even know what it was! It was actually a broom!


#8 So we have some dog on horse action here, and no that is not as wrong as it sounds. 

Via crazeecatladee

#9 I think sadly all the bubbles have already been popped. 

Via beckyshangrila

#10 Well this guy needed to have his meeting so here it is. 

Via brdesignguy

#11 Wait, Has the time machine already been invented? How did I not know about this? 

Via Megalan

#12 I have no words to explain what I am seeing. 

Via subwaycreatures

#13 She looks normal until you look at her or the other way around. 

Via kunstcameraman
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#14 A pimp has gotta get to work too ya know? 

Via BongWaterTaffy

#15 I might actually use this idea the next time I go on a subway. 

Via purdy

#16 Quick, get on the train, or you’ll lose Jesus forever!


#17 Are we sure it is not smoke? Because I think it is. 

#18 Maybe it was laundry day? I have no other explanation for this. 

Via damienslash

#19 This is just extremely sad if I am being honest. 

Via subway creatures

#20 Now, This is what I call a true lady in black. 


#21 He was hiding in the trains after all.

Via MikeTheDude23

#22 It’s Skyrim, so he gets a pass this time!

Via cacomagen

#23 Maybe he’ll cut his hair next time he gets on the bus. 


#24 Just a duck, nothing to see here. 

Via ericdadourian

#25 The best Obi-Wan Kenobi cosplay I have ever seen!

Via LegoLover58

#26 We clearly needed the renaissance painting for reference. 

Via taylorhirstein

#27 You might not have known this, but tortoises can be faster than you think. 

Via subwaycreatures

#28 Wait, How is this bushman looking at his phone? Can he even see? 

Via subwaycreatures

#29 Well, BD deserves a welcome back home celebration. 

Via subwaycreatures

#30 Okay, Those shoes were so last year! 

Via subwaycreatures

#31 100% satisfaction guaranteed when you use a VR headgear on a train!

Via cyberpunkkarmathief

#32 It seems like she is waiting for something which I do not intend to find out. 

Via pisssy_pusssy

#33 I don’t think anyone understands that it might be an excellent thing.

Via XitlerDadaJinping

#34 That just looks like a diaper for your face. 

Via nik_gallo

#35 Is this a new species of creatures that I am not aware of? 

Via subwaycreatures

#36 This might be a bit rude to other people. 

Via omgjustdont

#37 He should be careful that they don’t get out. 

Via my5lives

#38 This guy doesn’t even need an umbrella! 

Via subwaycreatures

#39 Maybe her face got cold or something? 

Via humansofnylol

#40 Her expression though! It’s like there is nothing to see here. 

Via subwaycreatures

#41 He is just going to the club, leave him alone. 

Via a_la_chingada

#42 This guy is clearly contemplating his life right now. 

#43 His tip bucket deserves to be full by now. 

Via sweet_brag

#44 His face just spells crazy. 

Via trespalmas413

#45 I wish that I had legs like that!

Via an_na_2_3

#46 Who needs a snuggie when you’ve got this costume? 

Via bobotouch

#47 He is just trying to act normal… before a big bank heist. 

Via humansofnylol

#48 This guy is on a whole new level that we can’t even think of ever reaching. 

Via subwaycreatures

#49 Maybe he forgot his phone and glasses at home. 

Via beccabuick

#50 That guy is putting his whole attention on the phone so that he doesn’t have to look at whats in front of him. 

Via subway creatures

What are your thoughts on this list? Did you find it as weird hilarious as us? If so why not comment down below and share your experiences on the subway?


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