This House Might Look Ordinary From The Outside But You’ll Understand Why it Costs $76,00,000 Once You Step In

This might be many peoples dream house.

But not mine! And I am not just saying this because I am bitter. Because trust me, I am not at all bitter, and this costs way too much and will probably take my whole life to even think of affording this.  But if you are a fan of fantasy and adventure AND you have $76,00,000 just laying around, this might be the house for you.

This house will take you into a whole new realm altogether. The Oregon artist and house developer Ed Bemis is the one who managed to make it possible. He tried to incorporate nature into this house. So you won’t be surprised to know that it is completely eco-friendly and this whole space is heated and cooled with the use of geothermal energy with a solar heated pool.

However, you won’t just be getting this house with the exorbitant price; you’ll also get 706 acres of land which you can probably farm on I suppose? I won’t hold you here any longer so scroll on below and take a look at this beautiful house.

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This is the extravagant entrance of this house which is nestled in Ashland.

Ashland, Oregon is an absolutely beautiful little town nestled in the foothills of mountain ranges, surrounded by rivers and blessed with beautiful weather all year. It’s a place that people are drawn to for its beauty, its culture and its history.

This unique home, privately situated on 700 acres of land, embodies all the elements that make Ashland such a special place.

Just the door took Ed 1.5 years to make. 


Inspired by nature and built to honor and reflect the beauty of the land, this 8,880 sq. ft. home is itself a piece of art. Completed in 2016, it was carefully designed to represent and pay respect to the land surrounding it. The entire structure is built with rounded edges and graceful curves to reflect the organic flow of natural surfaces.

At the entrance to the home, arched front doors are framed by beautiful copper tree sculptures. Their branches extend out to intertwine and support this truly remarkable covered entryway. The doors themselves are a grand Brazilian mahogany sculpture by local artist Russell Beebe. Done in a traditional Native American theme, both the outer and inner doors depict animals of the region including salmon, coyotes and eagles.

The beautiful details give the illusion of a stream. 


And the interior is just to die for. 


Step inside into a one-of-a-kind foyer with a granite floor reminiscent of the sandy shore at the edge of a river. Above, the ceiling is tiled in a beautiful blue stone the color of the open sky. Venture forward and the sandy shore gives way to a custom-designed hardwood floor that flows like water.

This intricate design is incredible – flowing through the house like a river of wood eddying around walls and river rock planters.
At the kitchen, the floor transitions to a warm earth-tone travertine featuring pewter inserts embossed with a spiral design that is also found on the pewter drawer pulls. Natural Manzanita tree trunks support an oversized granite island that is the heart of the space. Cooking and entertaining are a pleasure in this large, bright space filled with top of the line stainless steel appliances and ample prep space.

Even though this house is marvelous, it is having a hard time being sold because of its high price.


But someone will buy this unique house without a doubt. 


The dining room walls and ceilings are filled with preserved Manzanita trees that seem to grow out from the walls creating an inviting space to share meals while watching the seasons change through the large arched windows. The nearby living room has a grand wood-burning fireplace inlaid with a glass mosaic of two dragons intertwined, their bodies creating the shape of a heart.

A number of windows here and throughout the house are in the shape of clouds, further drawing the beauty of nature inside. The cedar ceilings throughout the home are expertly crafted with tapered tongue and groove planks and cedar beams.

Upstairs, the master suite overlooks the valley with incredible views from a wall of windows. Custom designed windows in the shape of windswept pine and spruce present an ever-changing view. The cedar ceiling gives the room the feeling of a spacious treehouse with the most spectacular views of the surrounding landscape. The ensuite includes a double shower, jetted tub, plus a steam shower with natural boulders for benches and double sinks in gorgeous blue Van Gogh granite.

The stairs are actually carved from an indigenous tree which just makes it more beautiful. 


This home is not only intended to honor nature in its design, it is also intended to function in harmony with nature. All the floors are heated and cooled geothermally. The endless pool located in an adjacent glass building is solar heated. Every window of this home frames another amazing view – Mt. Ashland, Taowhywee Point, Wagner Butte, and even the very tip of Mt. Shasta can be seen beyond Pilot Rock.

Ed wanted to honor nature, and it’s wildlife. 


Wildlife is in abundance with regular sightings of Golden eagles, red-tailed hawks, falcons, deer and elk. The 700 acres of land surrounding the home played an important role in the lives of the indigenous peoples who inhabited the area for centuries. A small rise behind the home known as The Wedding Knoll, was the site of marriage ceremonies.

It might not be everyone’s taste. 



As many people found it too gaudy. 


But there is someone out there who is perfect for this house and vice versa. 


Two oak trees that were once tied together here to represent union are now a natural sculpture with the rope marks still in evidence. Approximately 3,000 sq. ft. of living space in the basement is ready to be completed to fit a new homeowner’s creativity and needs.

It has two bedrooms and five baths to fit all your needs. 


And you can get a scenic view of the valley through the large windows. 


It was built in 2015 and is waiting for its first home owner. 


It even has its own pool in a separate building. 


Located only 20 minutes from Ashland, this home provides the privacy of the countryside with easy access to one of the most culturally rich, small art towns in America. Home to the internationally renowned Oregon Shakespeare Festival, great food and wine, art galleries and endless outdoor adventure, Ashland is a great place to call home. Thank you.

Kendra Ratcliff

And this beautiful mosaic will remind you of the dance of dragons: fire and ice. 


So is this going to be your new home? 

Let us know what you think in the comments below!


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