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Tinder Prince Saves This Girl’s Life Who Got Stuck On A Mountain

Many girls dream of meeting a knight in shining armor. 

Now I am not saying it is okay to think this way. Since the only reason, many tweens or teens want this is because of Princess movies that give many girls very high expectations. However, we are not here to debate that today. Because we have a story that seems to be ripped right out of a novel.


While we don’t think fo Tinder when we think of romance and cutesy things, tinder has proved to us that it can help save people’s lives. You see all of this started when a group of friends got stuck int eh snow. With no way of getting a mechanic out where they were, they resorted to using Tinder. And would you believe a guy she matched with actually came out in the freezing weather and helped the group?

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They were on their way to a nice trip when it all went downhill.

Just after 30 minutes driving down of the North Cape, it started raining…the street iced up that we even couldn’t stay on one point! We stopped in front of a mountain… next to the street was just ocean and big rocks and we stopped exactly behind a curve.

The moment you realize you’re helpless against Mother Nature.

So they decided to make Tinder to ask someone for help.


Luckily she matched with a guy who was a construction worker and had a bulldozer.


And he was quick to offer help and came just 5 minutes later.


He helped the group out of their predicament.


Five minutes later he came up with his bulldozer and shaped lines in the ice.

We followed him to the next parking slot and the day after our hero organized tires with spikes!

Lonia and her group of friends were able to continue their road trip to Lofoten because of Stian.


I bet they will never forget this experience.

Not all heroes wear capes and that is certainly true in his case. I mean nobody is on tinder looking to help people so it is really amazing that he was so quick to offer. What are your thoughts on this change? Let us know in the comments below.


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