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BF Goes Crazy After GF Buys A $50 Vintage Purse, Asks Internet For Advice

Relationship advice anyone?

Apparently, there is a whole AITA community on Reddit that stands for “Am I the asshole” and people are giving advice on absolutely everything to those in need for free! Say, you need to know if you are being a total jerk towards your dog. Bam! You’ve got it.


But there are some things that you don’t come across every day. This is one of them.

A guy recently asked the community if he’s the asshole because he got mad at his girlfriend for “paying $50 for an old as shit purse”, so to quote.

It all started when his girlfriend didn’t want to spend a lot of money on designer purse so instead she found a vintage one online for even less than half the amount for the new one. So what’s the big deal, right? Well for this guy, it is. Check out the whole story below.

So, here’s what he said.

After the argument with his girlfriend, he talked to a female friend about it. You’ll be amazed at what she said.


Won’t you just love to know what the internet had to say about this?

Guess he got his answer, huh?

You just can’t win from women, my friend.

I second that. Every time a guy buys something, it’s always reasonable. Even if he’s not going to use it!

So, are you with the girlfriend or against her?

Being sarcastic, are we?

We all love a good roast.

Poll time.

So, I guess we know what the majority of people thinks.

And what did you think? Was the boyfriend’s argument fair? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


What do you think?

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