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From Being Tiny Pups To Massive Giants, These Dogs Only Grew In Size But Still Has A Puppy Soul

Age and size are only figures and these animals are living proof of it.

You cannot stop age, time is endless and we are just a mere product of it. All of us grow up, it’s a natural thing, we continue aging, and based on our routines we grow up accordingly. Some of us grow up to an age where you would imagine a person to be very tall and muscular but they end up looking short and skinny or fat. Some old people like to stay in shape and keep working out to maintain those 6 abs Looks will always depend on the level of effort you want to put into them. But, one thing that happens in the majority of the population’s case is with the increasing age, the human becomes more mature, they step out of that “baby life” and become independent and start behaving as the world depends on them. That’s what I would expect from anyone who is in their late 30s and is above 6 feet tall. They grow up not just in size but in maturity as well. But if there is anyone who is old and big from whom I wouldn’t be expecting any maturity, it’s dogs.

Many dogs end up growing to sizes like that of giants. You often take away the title of adorableness from those who grow big, god knows why but when you only grow in size and remain a tiny pup at heart, no entity in this world can steal that title of adorableness from you.

Today we are going to enjoy some pictures of giant dogs who were once tiny pups and haven’t grown one but in reality.

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1. Zuka is a German Shepherd and he achieved all that growth in just 44 weeks.

Via davesterdave / Reddit

2. No, size does not matter. He still enjoys being in those arms as he did when he was a tiny pup.


Via Unknown / Reddit

3. These two pictures of Moose hugging his dad are just 14 days apart. My god, his growth hormone is at an all-time high.


Via __evangeline / Reddit

4. Took barely any space at 12 weeks to be all over the place at 12 months.


Via Unknown / Reddit

5. From barely being able to hold on to almost crushing Dad under his weight, this boy grew up big but is still a baby at heart.


Via ohaidacia / Reddit

6. Little pup Jojo turned into a giant dog but his momma still holds him up because its his favorite thing in the whole world.


Via machineguntommy / Reddit

7. This furball became a struggle to carry within 9 months.


Via gg04559 / Reddit

8. How do they all grow up so quickly in so less time. This is Eddie and the left picture is from when he was only 1 month old and the right one is from when he turned 1 year old.


Via iv35120 / Reddit

9. I just love how they all just don’t miss out on the opportunity of being carried, no matter how old or big they are.


Via TippTop / Reddit

10. Between the three years, the cuteness in those eyes didn’t drop one bit.


Via musiclova77 / Reddit

11. He now gets his own seat and he is very happy about it.

Via RaySchon / Reddit

12. Mommy might have to grow some muscles because Teemu has grown them and he is getting harder to carry.


Via forcefulmuffin / Reddit

13. Some habits never change.

Via Unknown / Imgur

They all look so adorable. Not gonna lie, the cuteness does drop a little as they grow big but it is so nice to see them all still being as close and loving to their owners as they were in their early times. That’s what matters the most, with age the bond should grow stronger. Rest everything is irrelevant.

Let’s enjoy some more pictures of dogs who grew into giants.

14. From easily carrying her in one arm to finding it very difficult to hold her even with two.


Via marlins2020 / Reddit

15. Would you believe it if I told you the gap between these two pictures is only 7 months.

Via CountDickeyDoo / Reddit

16. It’s not about the size, he was always difficult to hold.


Via JuniperTheRapper / Reddit

17. This dog’s name is Humphrey Bear. He fully lived up to his name in just 10 months.

Via Yoghurtmoment / Reddit

18. “From a 2-month-old bleep to 6 months old, then to a 1-year-old monster”


Via CrazyNinjaSRS / Reddit

19. I think he has no idea how massive he is now.

Via GoGoCrumbly / Reddit

20. “Calvin at 6 weeks old and then 1 year”


Via CalvinVGB / Reddit

21. He could almost hide the pup in his arms when it was 10 weeks old. Look at it now, it’s 4 years old and really big.

Via emmalioness / Reddit

22. “1 week after I got him vs 1 year after I got him (11 weeks vs 14 months)”


Via DM_ME_UR_DOGGO / Reddit

23. “13 weeks to 7 months! Mom can’t hold him like that anymore!”

Via p_ruthless / Reddit

24. “From 4 months to 14 months”


Via mjk9r6 / Reddit

25. The dog literally looks the exact same, only magnified four times.

Via biancapooo / Reddit

I really hope you guys enjoyed this one. Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments section down below.


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