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23 Accurate Tweets About Life With Cats That Any Cat Owner Can Relate To

Ever wonder what is going inside your cat’s smol head? Because same! They are so unpredictable that you just can not stop wondering what move they have up their sleeve. Their unexpected moves throw you off every single time and you are left thinking, ‘What did I do to deserve this?’ Do not worry! You are not alone, every cat owner has had a similar experience to yours because trust me, all cats are extremely sneaky and crazy, their silliness has no bounds and will probably surprise you to the core. But in all honestly, their crazy personality and silly traits are what stands out the most among many others, which makes them so likeable and lovable. Their love for you is so pure and unconditional, even though most of the time (literally all the time) they do not show it.


We are their entire world and they will go to great lengths to see we are happy and safe. Cats are like that friend who will surely put you in your place but all in your best interest, so when you later think about it, you know that it was not for a selfish reason. That is the crucial role a cat likes to play because well, of course, it is their world, and we are just living in it!

We have compiled some hilarious tweets to which all of the cat owners can relate to. So, are we ready for the truthbombs? Start scrollin’!

1. Cats know the best!

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2. He did something no one knows!

via fuji_ayako / Twitter

3. Sometimes you have to do things you don’t want to…

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4. It just never goes away!

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5. Or maybe he’s not interested?

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6. Bro! He might murder you in sleep too!

via  ein_j / Twitter© ein_j / Twitter

7. By the cutest liddul bean!

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8. The Cat, the Witch and the Wardrobe!

via nugatwtsu / Twitter

9. ‘You’re in the clear!’

via Rhododendren_1 / Twitter

10. This cat will have the most dramatic tendencies!

via  YP9nNswFMoD2uuW / Twitter

11. It is either cats win or no one is going home!

via  Fania_LH / Twitter

12. Bathtime fun time!

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13. Can’t disturb them!

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14. “You will face my wrath!”

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15. You should know your place buddy!

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16. Food>

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17. The new lord of the house!

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18. Look at these cats being the ultimate party poopers!

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19. Awwww!

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20. Your cat got some great taste brother!

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21. They are just doing their backstage duties…

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22. Everyone’s wish!

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23. The best buddy!

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Bonus: a way to make your day better!

via  fuji_ayako / Twitter

When I think of literal devils, my mind always goes to cats, they are probably the closest thing to a devil because their whole attitude and personality are so similar. All the cats that I have known and played with, have always surprised me with their silly antics, from jumping on different window panes to literally trying to climb a tree and failing at it, from trying to grab onto my leg to biting me to show that they care, they have always given me a rollercoaster of emotions that I am extremely grateful for it!

I do not think that your bond with your cat or any other animal for that matter can be compared, it is majestical and inexplainable. People can only see it through their eyes and feel it because of how passionate these pets can be. However, when it comes to cats, they do not like to overdo it hence they put on their silly attitude. I absolutely loved their connection in these pictures! Let us know what you thought in the comment section.


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