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17 Very Important Cat Jobs And Our Cats Are Doing Them Purrfectly

Do you think cats are lazy? No sir, they are important people.

Even though cats are known to be the laziest fluffy little animals, they do take their jobs seriously and they are good at it! Cats have obviously been ruling on us hoomans since forever and you must be wondering why would they even need a job since we, hoomans, are their slaves but let us get it straight, they work because they want to, not because they have to.


Anyways, our today’s agenda is to prove that just like hoomans, cats have critically important jobs too, and to depict that, the artists behind the creative studio “Last Lemon” posted a few illustrations which show how cats take their duties seriously and what those duties and tasks can be. We know you are very anxious to see and we don’t want to keep you waiting. So, without any further ado, let’s jump onto the pictures now, shall we? Start scrollin’ folks!

1.  They love inspecting boxes!

Whenever there’s a new box in the house, they will be the first one to inspect it.

2. Our cats love to test gravity and whether it’s still working or not!


How do they check it? Well, by throwing stuff off of the table.

3. Cats are the biggest stress relievers.


Whenever you are having a bad day, all you have to do is snuggle your kitty.

4. You won’t even need an alarm clock if you have a cat.


They will wake you up whenever they want to, not when you have to.

5. Our cats will suddenly start staring in a corner.


And you must believe that there’s something when they stare at a corner.

6. Cats will help you in packing your bags.


How? By jumping in the suitcase or perhaps sleeping in it.

7. They will knead on you.


That’s the best massage you can get.

8. Is it too cold outside? Don’t worry, your cat will warm up the bed for you!


But the real struggle is trying to take a warm place.

We are just halfway through and do you see how important our cats are? I mean, they have so many responsibilities on their head, but you? You just don’t realize it and think that they are just some lazy little jerks. Anyway, keep scrolling to know more about the tasks they have to perform!

9. Did you just get the groceries? Get ready for the bag to be inspected.


“What the hell did you get for me, hooman?”

10. Not that they will jump into your food but they surely will inspect it.


As if the food is bought from the salary your cats pay you.

11. Good luck changing your bed cover.

They simply won’t let you do it.

12. Oh, did you just get a new plant?


Get ready because it’s about to be destroyed.

13. They would randomly sit on your head.

Keeping your head warm

14. Time to get your laundry checked too!


It better be soft.

15. Is your pen having issues? Let your cat take a look at it.

Not that it will be fixed but you must get it inspected anyway.

16. As the image depicts, they are going to test out the water too.


But still won’t take a bath.

17. You didn’t finish your food? WHY?

Your cat will be observing you. Don’t waste your food, hooman.

Well, so you see how our cats play such important roles in our lives but we just keep complaining about them being jerks, don’t we? Sad. Our cats are responsible little citizens and perform their tasks which they assigned to themselves very responsibly! Anyway, do you have anything to add? Feel free to use the comments section below.


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