16 Animals Whose Adventures Are More Exciting Than Indiana Jones’

Animals are one step ahead of Indiana Jones when it comes to adventure.

Anyone who knows Indiana Jones would know that the guy never got to rest. He would always be faced with mysterious adventures and something within him kept him motivated to solve them all because the negative consequences could’ve caused critical damage all around. And our pets are very similar to Indiana Jones if you pause for a moment and thoroughly think about it. Your cat will be randomly seen on top of the kitchen cupboard that is installed close to the kitchen ceiling and you would have no idea why or how that happen. The same is with the dogs, they will often be caught in situations you don’t normally expect them to be in. The reason why this happens is they are all continuously looking for adventure and don’t really plan for the consequences if they actually meet the adventure.

Animals are very exciting creatures and we absolutely love that about that. But when that excitement starts overflowing, they often get in trouble but are always forgiven because they are so adorable and in the name of excitement, because they deserve it.

Today we are going to enjoy pictures of animals taking on some exciting and funny adventures.

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1. Pablo, on the left, couldn’t contain himself when the two brothers went on an adventure.

Via Colombian_Queen / reddit

2. The cat, for some reason, erupted into a fight with a spider web. Or maybe Spider-Man.


Via Viktor61 / reddit

3. Even the cat has no idea how it got up there.


Via fwacking / reddit

4. Looks like the dog got a little too excited while playing with “that” thing.


Via winter-time-13 / reddit

5. You don’t see a single bit of regret in those after eyes after the cat ruined its owner’s art by trademarking it with its paws.


Via -llCerberus- / reddit

6. He literally made the other dog his sofa.


Via emjaywalsh / reddit

7. Sorry sir but your adventurous ass is not supposed to be in there.


Via yourmomishigh / reddit

8. Looks like they are approaching something in stealth mode.


Via blackcloudcat / reddit

Look at them being so dominant with their life choices. I absolutely love how animals literally have no concept of planning. They just commit to whatever seems like a really got and exciting idea in their minds. Where would we be without them? God knows.

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9. After all that effort, the squirrel does deserve to enter the house.


Via seraphin420 / reddit

10. He fully knows that his parents know that he did it.


Via ogallagher1234 / reddit

11. Percy loves intimidating everyone, who rings the doorbell, like this.

Via megred92 / reddit

12. Mission successful but how does the cat plan on proceeding further?


Via CybermanSL / reddit

13. They said it would be worth the picture and now they aren’t helping me down.

Via CaptainBlish / reddit

14. “My aunt’s kitty disappeared for 2 hours. This is where she was hiding…”


Via dansheax / reddit

15. “He doesn’t like water but with the help of a tree log, everything is possible.”

Via CladDogger / reddit

16. “Their way of telling us they want to come out and play too”


Via boobaloo222 / reddit

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