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20 Photos To Give You The Weekly Dose Of Adorable Animals

There is no better start to the day than watching a cute animal.

Where are all the animal lovers? We hope you are having a wonderful day but one thing we know for sure is your day can not be completed without animals. This is the reason we bring a whole new collection of cutest animals from all around the world to add pawsitivity to your life. In a world full of negativity, all we need is a weekly dose of cute animals that keep us going for the rest of the week. Here, we have made a lovely collection of animals that will make you run and adopt a new animal for yourself. So, scroll down and watch the cuties!


1. Meet Betty, she hates every single one of you.

Via u/RPBN

That’s the face I make when someone eats my chocolate.

2. “May I introduce you to one of my precious rats- Gizmo!”


Via u/sabsel95

Who would not love to read when they have a reading partner like Gizmo?

3. Hey gurl, which shampoo do you use?


Via u/rabbit_russia

Her haircare must be very expensive.

4. “I cant even begin to describe the beauty in this”


Via u/G4NGST3rr

Best thing on Earth is to sleep while cuddling with mama!

5. Dog: Mam, I want two tickets. One for me and the other one for my gf.


Via u/SirMustardo

6. “This is Cinders, she also hates every single one of you.”


Via u/SolidvLiquid

Cat: Why are humans so obsessed with me?

7. Avocado keeps him happy.


Via u/lostspaceqveen

8. Guess which one is made of snow?


Via u/SavingsKnown

9. Meet Oliver, the obedient boi.


Via u/Multiple_Nick

10. “I’m considering buying this pup… His mama is poodle, dad is and Aussie. What do you think? They are asking $400.”


Via u/groovin_gal

They are asking a fair price for a puppy who can win anyone’s heart. Who would miss this deal? At least we would never want to miss on this deal. Beautiful eyes, lovely big eyes and a sweet face. What else can you ask God for? If we got the chance to pet this puppy, we would always be giving him belly rubs and forehead kisses. He is irresistibly pawdorable. This is not it, we have more cute animals. Scroll down.

11. They are not brothers but they would like they are brothers.

Via u/Sugaree34

12. Man, leave the game and concentrate on me.


Via u/olezhka_lt

13. When you wake up in the morning and see a team of cats on your doorstep:

Via u/bape_x_anime

14. When you have been searching for your cats everywhere in the house:


Via u/VerySlump

15. “Land doggo meets sea doggo”

Via u/eenachtdrie

They looks so happy to see each other.

16. “I had a cat with down syndrome as a kid, named Garfield”


Via u/FlotFyr-69

17. Meet Lola. She is walking in the snow for the first time.

Via u/drinvictus

18. Not an accident, done on purpose.


Via u/G4NGST3rr

19. “Naughty boy stole a burger from the new neighbours BBQ”

Via u/Ok-Note9836

I am a cat, I can steal whatever I want.

20. She is dressed up for her first birthday. Everyone, wish her a Happy Birthday.


Via u/Ahappyoldman

Which pet do you own? What’s their name and how would you define their personality? Are they mischievous enough to make it to Internet? Please share their pictures with us, we would love to see them.


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