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Time To Take In The Weekly Dose Of Cute Animals

No one is as positive as animals.

Good morning and welcome! Welcome to the animals galore! Welcome to everyone who loves animals and to all those who don’t love animals. We are about to give you the dose of cute animals that will make you fall in love with animals. From now onwards you would have this urge to adopt a cute animal for yourself. We have got doggos, cattos, kittens, bats and even doves. Our purpose to bring this collection for you is to uplift your mood and spread positivity in this world with the help of animals. No one does it better than animals. Scroll down to have some fun!


1. When your friends gift you a photo frame on your birthday with your worst photo:

Via u/Handro

2. The only way she would never say “No” to your proposal:


Via u/SecretForex

3. Don’t make noise. Cat family is napping at the moment.


Via u/Thoatans99

4. He has got 3 hearts.


Via u/AmatuerNerd

Beautiful ears.

5. Meet this white cloud of love.


Via u/h3xNaCl

6. “I was 21 when we brought her home, now I’m almost 42. I’ve loved her half my life and all of hers. Happy 21st birthday to our precious girl.”


Via u/nibay

Animals never leave their owners. No matter how old do they get.

7. So sweet and so lovely!


Via u/nlRo

8. Meet this derpy boy!


Via u/lenbot48

9. A beautiful transformation:


Via u/heftybag

10. No matter how big do you get, you will always be daddy’s little boy!


Via u/Grand_Dependent8181

Nothing makes a pet owner more proud than seeing their pet growing. Just look at this doggo owner. Doesn’t he look super proud to hold his good boi? From having two hearts on a cat’s ears to beautiful glow-ups, these animals are surely spreading positivity. A photo of a happy dog is enough to uplift anyone’s mood. The expressions on a happy animal’s face are priceless. Scroll down because the fun has just started.

11. What’s more beautiful than a baby bats necklace?

Via u/GallowBoob

12. “15 years together and counting”


Via u/OoklaIsMyHomeboy

We wish you guys stay together forever.

13. Have you seen a happiest mom than her?

Via u/vladgrinch

14. “He couldn’t find a date for prom so he took his cat”


Via u/Unobjectionables

Who needs girls when you have a cat?

15. He loves his toy so much that he takes it wherever he goes.

Via u/FrailFreestyle

16. “Aww shucks! Cat.exe has hit a snag but works just fine”


Via u/chinmayananda

17. The middle one knows how to add fun into a picture.

Via u/abbbbbbbywhee

18. “Stevie is beautiful just the way she is…”


Via u/BedazzledGarbage

Stevie has a beautiful face.

19. Meet Roger. He was rescued two years ago. He is 14 now and is living his best life with his owners.

Via u/nietzsches_madwoman

20. “I think he loves me back”


Via u/Smc1309

We think the same.

21. This is Artemis, a tiny baby.

Via u/LillyL15

22. “Captain Catbeard”


Via u/PorkysRAGE

23. “For those who asked. Meet Nimbus, the dove that landed in my garden and never left”

Via u/GipsyPepox

We hope you enjoyed today’s dose of cute animals as much as we did. Comment down to share your thoughts with us. Stay tuned because we bring this collection every week.


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