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26 Visual Proofs That Show Having Two Pets Will Always Be Better Than One

What’s better than one pet? Many pets.

Who has heard of the phrase the more the merrier? I am sure quite a lot of you. ell, this is true in many of the cases. In business terminology, we refer to this ideology as creating synergy. Synergy or more the merrier means two together create more value than those parties working as standalone. So basically 1+1 is not equal to 2 but equal to 3. More of anything can make us happy and satisfied for example french fries, kisses, money, friends, cars, and pet animals. And today’s focus is on pets.

Pet animals are the best creatures ever. They are so adorable and don’t even get me started on the companionship. They basically make sure whatever they are going is top of the line, be it being extremely goofy, naughty, caring, or cute. They are just perfect in all departments. No, I cannot prove my statements to you, you just have to take my word for it and that is how it has been like forever. Or if you are a pet owner, you don’t need to know any of this because you are already experiencing all these feelings. But there is a problem that many pet owners face and that is the problem of leaving them home alone.

We all know it is impossible to survive without making a living, nothing comes for free in today’s world except love and that thing is in shortage for quite some time. Anyways, many pet owners have to go to the office, work hard to fulfill basic needs of life, and in order to do that, you have to leave your pet back at home and that poor thing does nothing but anxiously wait for its owner to return in order to play and have fun once again. You don’t want those cuties to sit idle and get bored so what you can do is very simple, just go and adopt another pet. As we said, more the merrier so any pet owner who has this problem should just get more pets so those animals can play with themselves, eliminating the problem of pet boredom.

Today we are going to look at some images of more than one pet together proving that it is always better to have two pets than one.

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1. These two cats are named Yin and Yang after the famous Chinese traditional geomancy, Feng Shui.

What better way to harmonize a relationship between the two cats than to sleep forming a Yin and Yang.

Via 69261/reddit

2. As we said, you will have one less thing to worry about and that is your pets because they will be enjoying themselves to the fullest playing with one another.


Via tomatosss/pikabu

3. The synergies get so high that even though they will have their own separate beds, they will always prefer to chill together in a single one.


Via endstonegolem/reddit

4. If your single pet supported your lazy weekend vibes, well now you will have double the support.


Via katrinkabuttlin/reddit

5. What one does, the other always follows resulting in the pets taking calm baths together.


Look at them chilling in the bath so calmly probably reflecting upon all the good times they have spent together. This picture is cute.

Via LiveChic009/reddit

6. From eating together, pooping together, playing together to even sleeping together.


Via XeniaGaze/reddit

7. Oh yeah, forgot to tell you, anything foamy is going to get annihilated at a quicker speed now that you have more pets having fun together.


You cannot expect shit to be straight when you have more naughtiness in your house.

Via BeckyJacks/reddit

8. Here’s how your living room would look like, occasionally, if you have pets and not just a pet.


Via GrimaldiJ/reddit

9. Now you will be coming home to twice the adorableness.


Via zwiebelxfee/reddit

10. You will catch them in the weirdest of positions which in their mind would look cool.


Via ocoe10/reddit

11. You might witness combinations that you thought never existed before.

Via RunningPoohinator/imgur

12. But don’t always expect a cat and a dog to live in harmony, they could be ready for a war at any time.


Via LoveLikeHeLoves/reddit

13. Unlike humans, there doesn’t exist any racism among animals.

Via pphnx/imgur

These images are so cute and are certainly proving the fact that two pets will always be better than one. The best part is the bond between the two, they look very happy together and that’s what matters. Lovely!

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14. If you see your cats like this, putting a paw on the other one, know that their bond is the strongest it has ever been.


Via Alecann/reddit

15. This kitty jumps up and alerts her parents whenever it sees this dog who wants to come inside and play.

Via Benn2882/reddit

16. They will even watch their favorite tv shows together absorbing and letting out every emotion as one.


Via colebreeze23/reddit

17. No matter how much they fight throughout the day, they will always nap together after tiring themselves out.

Via tuonni/reddit

18. Oh and yeah, one of them will always be the naughtier one.


Via azflat4/reddit

19. Habits can be transferred quickly, look at them sleeping in the exact same way.

Via iamkokonutz/reddit

20. Their moods might not be the same at times.


Via pineapple-1001/reddit

21. They will make sure to enjoy those car rides to the fullest, poking heads out and everything.

Via avacadoandgreentea/reddit

22. It’s like a mirrored image of a single animal no these are two dogs.


Via unknown author/imgur

23. One might not show its love for others in public but we all know how close they are.

Via jenibriated/reddit

24. My heart is melting from too much cuteness.


Via cowgrlbabe19/reddit

25. And no, it does not always have to be dogs or cats, bonds form in all shapes and sizes.

Via unknown author/imgur

26. Look at this cute fawn who was rescued by this family and living with the dogs, she now thinks she is also a dog.


Via GeneReddit123/reddit

I really hope you guys enjoyed it. Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments section down below.


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