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25 Weird and Terrifying Images To Feel Uncomfortable About

It is being said that humans have always felt the emotion of fear. And it is understandable because, in the earliest times, humans did not have the means and resources to remain safe. That lack of certainty and security instilled feated in the early humans. Their fear fueled their need for survival. That fear remains. However, fear does not only comes from life-threatening circumstances only. Sometimes very unusual things, random objects around us and even the images have a weird edge to them that makes them look like they’re part of a horror movie.


It’s just like some people are known to enjoy horror movies while some don’t. Why do people enjoy horror movies? Because it gives them an odd satisfaction and an adrenaline rush. They enjoy getting themselves uncomfortable because they can handle it but then there are people who absolutely can’t even stand horror movies, stories or even pictures that have the tendency to make them feel uncomfortable. Which one are you? Not sure yet? No problem, we can find it out. We have gathered a list of the 25 most weird pictures that are terrifying and uncomfortable to look at. So, are you ready for it? Let’s start scrolling!

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1. Cat demon

Via spetznaz11

Cats walk on us and sit on our chest all the time while we’re sleeping. But somehow seeing it in a picture and too in black and white filter makes it look creepy as hell. The cat’s eyes look that of a demon. I won’t lie, I have woken up to my cat sitting like this on me and I have screamed many times after seeing my cat that up close.

2. The scream!

Via Thedepressionoftrees

Jesus Christ, if I saw these dummies, I would totally faint. Why did they have to place the CPR dummies in such a freakish way, though?

3. Pranked

Via  Ambermaelmb

I don’t know who that photographer was but I need to have a word with that person. What has the photographer done to this photo? God! This is the creepiest thing ever.

4. The haunted street

Via Financial-Grand2209

Imagine what this street would look like during the night? Jeez!

5. He is scared of no one!

Via  Pentatoni

When I saw this little guy has the courage of the devil, I say it loud and clear. Does this kid have no sense of fear at all? He is preparing an army of insects. He literally placed more than a hundred creepy little insects on the road. These insects are not even tiny, they’re of a big size and that makes this whole picture scarier.

6. Funny heads!

Via despacito_spooder

I need to have a word with the creators of this show and want to inquire what made them think of giving these characters such awful heads!

7. Peanut butter stacked!

Via raaducay

I guess we all were storing our peanut butter wrong then. Jokes apart, who even thought of putting peanut butter in these plastic disposable plates? This is utterly disrespectful to the peanut n butter.

8. Puppet from Labyrinth

Via safewink

Puppets are the most terrifying objects to exist, don’t even try to change my mind!

9. A sleep-deprived woody

Via Destroyedwolf2189

Woody is supposed to exhibit positive and happy vibes. This Woody looks like he has not slept in years. It kind of looks like a zombie woody.

10. Pomegranate gone rogue!

Via Ayuxh33

Oh my God, I do not think I will ever be able to look at pomegranates the same way. The big teeth are just killing me! It looks like it will come jump right outside the screen and eat me to bits.

11. Stars but make it sheeps’ eyes

Via Antscannabis

I think the universe is trying to make sure we all get nightmares tonight. What on the world? The picture keeps getting more terrifying as it darkens behind. Those eyes are piercing through my body. I thought of sheep as cute animals up till now, but not anymore.

12. Panic mode

Via yxingwertewr2543

I will literally faint on the spot if I had taken that picture. I am surprised this person actually posted the picture and traumatized the rest of us too.

13. Creepiest Santa in the history

Via RicRaw84

Are we sure it’s a Santa and not a clown in Santa’s costume?

14. Lone ranger!

Via razsnovamur

15. Ghost hands!

Via RicRaw84

Washing machines are always scary because you imagine what it would be like if some person accidentally gets stuck inside the machine and gets washed with the clothes. It would be a bloodbath. This picture surely turned that fear into an actual image and I probably won’t be able to stop thinking about it for at least a month.

16. Skulls

Via KiWi_pEnCiL36

As if skulls were not scary already, this picture had to add more details to the skull as well.

17. Freakier than IT

Via milg4ru

This looks like a place the clown from IT would lure the kids into.

18. Bloodbath!

Via joelwdsfdsfds

My heart stopped for a second!

19. Half-human Half unicorn

Via TheEllimist000

20. IT

Via dodong65756

Why do I feel like the designer did this on purpose?

21. I would disown him too!

Via BrainOrHeadache

22. What on earth is that?

Via igor_mer

I am absolutely speechless. Why do such things even exist?

23. Late night shenanigans

Via connercope

I am sincerely hoping the camera was just blurry and it is not an actual ghost.

24. Socks just got some teeth

Via ReyisN0TaSkywalker

This is actually a funny one. I think we all needed a funny image after all that terror

25. Every kid’s nightmare

Via ExploreMoreMysteries

These pictures are going to be the reason I won’t have a good night’s’s sleep for the rest of the year. These pictures probably scared the hell out of you, right? But surprisingly, you just couldn’t stop yourself, could you? It is something about the horror theme that captivates you and drags you to it. As we said, maybe now you can decide which kind of person are you. In the end, we’d like to know which picture scared you the most? Feel free to use the comments section below!


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