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25 Times People Could See Weird Faces In Inanimate Objects

Have you ever felt like someone is watching you?

It isn’t paranoia if it is real. I am sure we have all felt like someone is watching us at least once in our lifetime. Whether it is because we are walking home alone at night and think that somebody is following us or if it is the middle of the day and we think that somebody is staring at us even though nothing is there. Sometimes we even tend to realize that the person we think is staring at us turns out to be an inanimate object.


I know that this sounds very weird but it is actually quite common. Humans tend to empathize with everyone and that means seeing faces where there are none because we are in the habit of seeing patterns everywhere we go. Well, today we have compiled some of the best pictures that showcase this. Even if you have never seen a face in an inanimate object before, today you will see exactly what I am talking about. And safe to say that it is actually quite weird.

So just scroll below to take a look for yourself.

Source: Imgur

#1 The bag looks very angry to be left open and I would be too.

#2 When you want a smoke.


#3 Where did all the other arms of this tentacle go?


I am pretty sure he lost all his other arms in another brawl.

#4 When you try to smile but it comes off as looking loopy.


#5 One is angry and the other is worried.


I wonder if they are giving different reactions to the same thing.

#6 Put your hands up right now!


#7 It is time to turn the heat all the way up and party!


#8 This looks to be a very graceful shadow monster.


#9 When you get drunk and cannot stand up straight.


I am sure that most people can relate to this picture.

#10 I think he has some green stuck in his teeth.


#11 When you need sleep but you have work to do.

#12 I am pretty sure that half of his face just melted off somehow.


#13 This one kind of remind me of stormtroopers.

Other than the huge grin ofcourse!

#14 When you wear a cloak to work to hide your face.


Can you spot this one? A little hint: it is the red shirt.

#15 They are simply keeping an eye out for all the thieves.

#16 He looks very happy even though his eyes look like the abyss.


#17 I think there is a villain in the making.

Talk about being two-faced.

#18 This one looks a bit busted up.


#19 You don’t want to see this face when you cut up an onion.

I bet this face made the person cry.

#20 I do not appreciate receiving the middle finger when I haven’t done anything.


#21 I would not want that on my butt.

#22 The green locks are looking gorgeous.


#23 He is trying his best to imitate art in real life.

#24 When you look over at your neighbor’s house.

#25 This frog does not want you to have any more coffee.

Were you able to point out the face in each and every picture? Or did some of these go over your head? Let us know in the comments below. And don’t forget to share these pictures with friends so they can see some weird things as well to start their day off the right way.


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