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Wholesome Moments Where Internet Users Helped Each Other Out And Made The World A Better Place

Internet is the worst place to go to if you are not in the best headspace. If you are not feeling well and you need a little push to put you back on track, the Internet is not the place you should go to. When you are not exposed solely through digital means, it is very convenient for other people to criticize you and put you down, and be rude to you. Being rude to someone’s face is much harder. You would not experience the bullying you see online, in person.


However, there are good sides to this dark place of the Internet too. Amongst all the bad people that have overtaken, some good people exist too. Scroll down to check out some wholesome moments;

1. The kind of patriotism we need.

Via: EpicJenko

2. Solidarity costume for Halloween!

Via: bunman21

3. Kindness over anything!

Via: thefamilyjewelz

4. Andy knows how to handle matters effectively.

Via: thefamilyjewelz

5. Saying no for the right reasons!

Via: vacillate321

6. It is called improvisation!

Via: sonic_banana

7. Mind your own business, guys. It is not that hard.

Via: Thoeda

8. Pet’s parents are also real parents!

Via: Dragonography

9. This tweet boosted the confidence of so many people.

Via: lawn-mumps

10. The right list!

Via: ineed_somelove

11. Normalise eating alone! We are going into 2020 as solo eaters.

Via; benImran17

12. This mother knows how to stick for his son. Thank you and have a wonderful day!

Via: frauenarzZzt

This is the sweetest thing ever. My heart just melted because of happiness!

13. Reminder: you do not have to explain to anyone why you are tired

Via: EverydayGirlDad

14. Immigrants are welcomed with open arms!

Via: foot-waffle

15. Changing your mind after learning something new does not make you a hypocrite

Via  iiamuntuii

16. Do not judge a book by its cover!

Via: becauseimgurisboring

Awww, so sweet!

17. Their laugh makes you laugh more than the joke!

Via: calysoe

18. A person can have a family without having a kids

Via: ElanMorinMetal

19. Save this teacher at all costs!

Via: Scraw16

20. We’re all just nerdy weirdos

Via: Night_skye_

21. Age is just a number. It is never too late to have fun!

Via: manupuwaga

22. If “Heart of gold” was a person.

Via: oscarfacegamble

23. Happy pride month from the country boys!

Via: A_BroadHumor


Via: NYR525

25. Everyone’s win is our win.

Via: VoxorHD

26. Interests should not be turned into a test you have to prepare for or be perfect it. Liking things should be a stress relief!

Via: DailyWally

27. We respect and stan kind encouragement! Kindness makes all the difference.

Via: kalynwoodbury

28. Take all the time you need!

Via: squeakim

29. Everyone has their own story. Never feel embarrassed of yours!

Via: VoxorHD

30. Did I stutter?

Via: camfromthegutter

31. No one owns a public place.

Via: holliepoetry

32. We welcome trespassing!

Via: ghoulraccoon

33. Essential element of feminism!

Via: taeowyn

34. Obviously.

Via: RsquaredT

35. Grow a spine. Take inspiration from these 15 teenagers!

Via: NYR525

36. Salespeople should just mind their own business.

Via: DancingAndrovski

36. It is no one’s responsibility to take shit from you. Everyone should be allowed to leave a space they do not feel safe in

Via: DancingAndrovski

37. We do not have space for classist people in 2020.

Via: coleonoscopy

38. Bette Midler heard it!

Via: HipstaBarista

39. Everyone is working hard. Keep your judgments to yourself!

Via  KingOfNiFe

40. Just flush!!

Via: BellsForPShells

41. No one language is superior to another!

Via: blazinfastjohny

42. Welcome people to new endeavors with happiness instead of shame!

Via: DiagonalCrosswalks

43. There are two options: helping someone or shaming someone. Always choose to help someone over shaming them.

Via: MagnetOfWeird

44. This is the sweetest way to deal with relationships in quarantine.

Via: CodePurple_

45. Correcting yourself when you are wrong is important!

Via: lbseida

46. Important words we all need to Internalise.

Via: manupuwaga

47. It’s that simple!

Via: smol_catto_

48. There is not a single pathway to becoming a reader!

Via: numberonecatmom

49. We do not need to turn everything into a competition.

Via: RedGalDread

50. No rules anymore!

Via: Gingold

Kindness wins over anything. These beautiful tweets show how many precious people exist in this world with fresh thoughts and a kind way of thinking. There is so much negativity in the world and people bash others for no reason. People are in a constant battle to prove to others that they are worthy of respect and good status in this world. No one should have to go through that and these people above show us what a kind world could look like. It is beautiful and gives you butterflies because of how heartwarming it is. We all should try to be as nice as possible. A little kindness never hurts somebody and goes a long way!


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