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Wife Fed Up With Husband’s Extremely “Close” Friend Carl, Internet Suspicious Of Their Affair

With her husband’s friendship with his close buddy Carl, this woman has now reached her breaking point. They’re inseparable, and her husband refers to Carl as his “nicotine.” He can’t seem to give up “it.” It all came to a head when her husband invited Carl to join them on their scheduled couple’s vacation. Her husband reasoned that cramming Carl into their two-person room with only one bed would be no problem. Her life was turned upside down when she learned that her husband intended to share the bed with Carl and force her to sleep on the floor. So, who’s the third wheel in this situation? It doesn’t appear to be Carl.


Of course, the internet is naturally skeptical, and nearly every remark makes reference to the fact that Carl and her husband appear to be more than simply friends. There are several references to “Grace and Frankie,” which, for the uninitiated, is a program whose premise is based on a scenario that is nearly identical to this one.
What are your thoughts? Is she making a mistake by removing herself from the situation? Should she just walk away from the situation and file for divorce? Please let us know in the comments section. Scroll down to see screenshots of u/post measures2013 as well as the reactions.

1. Here’s the story; Carl, the husband’s friend got widowed and the husband started being extra nice to him

Font - Posted by u/measures2013 AITA for going home after I got told to sleep on the floor? Not the A-hole I'll preface this by saying that my husband (33) has a friend "Carl" (33) who he considers to be one of his closest friends. My husband sometimes calls Carl his "nicotine" because of how much he misses him and wants to spend time with him, they do everything together, they're even co workers working the same job. Unfortunately, Carlos's wife passed away from cancer 3 months ago which caused

2. When OP booked a trip for his husband and her, the husband took Carl along with them. They did not even have  a budget for it and Carl could not pay either

Font - We planned a 3 day vacation to another state. I made a hotel reservation for 2. Unbeknownst to me, my husband had invited Carl to come with us, this made me upset because it spolied the entire vacation (not trying to be dramatic) I only found out when he went to pick him up. I sucked it up after my husband explained that Carl is a recent widower who's been wallowing in grief for so long and needed this vacation. The problem is money is tight and since Carl hasn't worked eversince his wife
Font - My husband said we should just share one room and I again sucked it since he said we'd be out all day on the beach anyway. First night, I was in bed when my husband and Carl got back, I got woken up by my husband telling me to get out of bed and sleep on thd mattress he put for me on the floor and he and Carl would take the bed. I asked if he was serious and he asked what else is he supposed to do, he said Carl was a guest we can't let him sleep on the floor and at the same time I can't s
Now she is asking the Reddit community what she did was wrong. Below are the comments by Redditors that you would not want to miss.

4. Well, we too think, he might be into men

Font - Thediciplematt 1 day ago & 16 More Craptain [167] ΝΤΑ Uh.. no shade here. I think your husband might be into men, specifically Carl. I'm not going to throw my wife to the curb for a friend. Compassion and empathy are one thing but this is just plain insanity. Might want to get some therapy or have some hard convos. 54.2k Reply Share Francie1966 - 18 hr. ago Might want to get a divorce lawyer. 17.0k ... Reply Share chocolatemilkncoffee 17 hr. ago and an std panel 12.8k Reply Share Do

5. OP should see the red flags

Font - sugarintheboots 1 day ago Asshole Aficionado [11] NTA. This is pretty odd behavior, why wouldn't your husband consider your needs as his wife? You ever consider they may be closer than just friends? 16.6k Reply Share Thediciplematt - 1 day ago Craptain [167] Ding ding ding. Picked up on that vibe immediately. What's with Op..? Denial? 5.0k Reply Share McMema 1 day ago Yep. As Princess Diana said: "There were three of us in this marriage, so it was a bit crowded". NTA Get out! 3.9k ... Rep

6. Definitely agreed

 Font - Little Outside 1 day ago 23 Asshole Aficionado [14] So, how long has your husband been having an affair with Carl? This utter disrespect for you surely signals the end of your marriage. The logic applied here is bizarre and you've become the third wheel in their relationship. You're either being used as a beard, or your husband is in deep denial about his sexuality. It sounds like there are no children, so leave now while you can. You have my sympathy, but you would be foolish to stay pas

7. Well, we see some type of relevance here; Grace and Frankie

Font - Dannah Montanah day ago Asshole Aficionado [11] I was very prepared to think you were being a monster when I saw that Carl is a widower, but it sounds like you were incredibly reasonable and your husband kept pushing beyond the point of no return. NTA, you didn't ruin anything. Your husband and Carl did. Edit: it also seems like your husband is having an affair with Carl. Real "Grace and Frankie" vibes here. 5.0k Reply Share Francie1966 1 day ago My first thought was "Grace & Frankie". 68

8. So, it has been declared NTA, and this is hilarious

Font - Paint ChipsAndSalsa 1 day ago Partassipant [2]] NTA and I think your husband is fi king Carl 4.7k Reply Share ambivalent_bajan 1 day ago There's no way he's NOT f king Carl. He WOKE HER UP to tell her get on the floor! COME ON!! 1.4k Reply Share PicklyPrickle 1 day ago 2 C'mon. You absolutely cannot be that sure. Carl might be f king her husband. 1.0k Reply Share

9. It was definitely not a non-issue, the reason they both were denying it was because they are having an affair

Font - UnluckyDreamer1 1 day ago S Colo-rectal Surgeon [32] ΝΤΑ Are you sure your husband isn't having an affair with Carl? Because this sounds like he might be. After all, he wanted his wife to leave his bed so his friend could share with him, even though logic dictates Carl should be the one on the floor as the uninvited guest. (there are two of you, your husband does not get to invite people without consulting you first) Also, it was not a 'non-issue'. Clearly it was an issue and anyone who s

10. Important points to ponder

Font - AN 150 mlmarte 1 day ago Partassipant [1] INFO - this was a 3 day vacation, you left the first night. Did your husband and Carl come home right away, or did they stay and finish out the trip together, sleeping in the same bed while you were at home? Because if it's the latter, I'd have some questions if I were you.... 2.8k ... Reply Share Blonde2468 1 day ago . I'm betting they stayed the whole time. He would have come to an empty house if it were me. She's the odd man out in this 'couple

Well, we think that this story is hilarious. the husband did everything rationally and pushed his wife beyond what was supposed to be done. This looks really bad and the only thing we can suggest to OP is to get out of that marriage. Carl and his husband are not “just” friends, there’s something else going on that we all can sense.

Share your thoughts in the comment section down below. We wo’t ask you whether it’s NTA or AITA because that’s already very clear. if you want more entertaining stories to read, stay tuned with us!


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