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Woman Brings Her Dog Around Boyfriend’s Dog-Phobic Brother, Family Drama Ensues

We’ve seen our fair share of pets bringing couples and families together at I Can Have Cheezburger. There are plenty of stories about cats and dogs acting heroically, from a heroic pet dog saving a baby’s life to a cat saving a freezing baby. Unfortunately, there have been numerous reports of lovers or family members fighting over their pets. From a woman who took her ex-dog boyfriend shortly after their breakup to a spouse who pushed his wife to bring a third animal into the house, there are plenty of examples.

Today’s story is about a two-year relationship that was torn apart by someone’s pet-related actions. The protagonist of this narrative, you see, has a brother who is deathly scared of dogs. He told his girlfriend that she couldn’t bring her dog over while his brother stayed with him. Is she abiding by this rule? Nooo, and their two-year romance has reached a breaking point. To hear the astonishing details of this story, scroll down to the bottom:

1. OP asks the Reddit community if he is an a-hole for now allowing her gf and dog to enter his house..

2. OP’s girlfriend who he has been with for two years had a German Shepard dog

Font - I (29F) have been dating my gf (Tina-27F) for two years. Tina has a dog, a German Shepard named Cookie that I adore. He's a big dog and I was a bit intimidated at first as I've never really been around dogs but he's such a sweetheart.

Awww, Cookie is such a sweet dog name! Dogs are such a blessing, and a two-year bond between two people in their late twenties sounds quite serious. We’re not sure how they got into this fight over letting the dog into their house; it seems odd to us. Anyway, no big issue, let’s continue reading…

3. OP’s brother was staying with him for a while due to family emergency, he had dog phobia 

Font - Anyways, my brother, Jaden (17M) is staying with me for a few days because our parents had an emergency in a different city and because of a few reasons, he isn't allowed to be alone for too long. Jaden is absolutely terrified of dogs. He's working on this fear and he used to be much worse.

4. OP told his girlfriend that Cookie can’t be around as long as the brother Jaden is here 

Font - I told Tina that she couldn't bring Cookie over to my house while Jaden was home because he was scared of dogs and she went "yeah yeah don't worry about it".

5. OP thought that Tina had understood but she came up with the dog at his house 

Font - I believed she understood just how terrified he was as I made it very clear to her but I was absolutely shocked when she showed up at my house with Cookie.

6. OP asked him to go but she said that Jaden being in the same room with the dog will cure his fear )as she read it somewhere) and insisted on being inside 

Font - I tried giving her the benefit of the doubt and reminded her that Jaden was inside but she said she was here because of Jaden. Apparently she read some post about how this girl went from fearing dogs to loving them after being forced to stay in a room with one. I explained to her why that was absolutely ridiculous with many reasons but she was INSISTING on trying.

7. His brother went to his room after seeing the dog and had a panic attack

Font - I assume my brother heard us and Cookie's barking because he came up to me and asked what was happening. I tried closing the door to explain but Tina kept it open and he saw Cookie. He tried to stay calm but the second he sensed the fact that Cookie was about to run in, he ran straight to his room and had a bit of a panic attack.
8. OP got furious and slammed the door at her gf, tired calming his bother down but was upset

Font - I'm thankful Tina had Cookie on a leash but I was extremely upset. I asked her if this was what she wanted and slammed the door in her face. I was very frustrated as the only one able to calm Jaden down is our mom and she was hours away. I managed but I was still upset.

9. Later, the gf complained about him being rude to her and all she was trying to help cure him

Font - Tina called me later saying I was really rude to her when all she was trying to do was help. Apparently I was dramatic and made her feel like her feelings are worthless. She said she didn't mean to scare Jaden but heal him and that if I had let her into the house then she would've "cured" him and there wouldn't have been a problem.

10. Now the girlfriend this he is the a-hole and he asks the Reddit community about it

Mammal - Now, I love dogs and especially Cookie but I doubt this would've solved anything. I tried telling her this but she's convinced I'm the asshole. Am I?
As you have read the story by now, below are the comments of the Reddit community about the case. Let’s see what they got to say.

11. She is not a doctor and she should not make such attempts to cure someone’s phobia 


Font - HPNerd44 Wtf did I just read? NTA She's not a Dr but she read one story online and thinks she can decide to ambush a minor?! Wtf is wrong with her? Your poor brother. Did she stop to think this might have some long term physiological effects on him? Probably not because she knows how to google and decide what's best for others.

12. searching such things on social media does not help anyone, the gf is in the wrong here

Font - throwAwaY112_1 OP I'm saying? I understand wanting to help but why didn't she just let it go and go home? Why did she have to keep the door open and try to come in? I honestly don't get it! I never thought I'd say this but she really needs to cut down on social media if she genuinely believes that ridiculous "lock them in a room with one" story.

13. This one is on point here 

Font - Amaranth_Ad Exposure therapy is real, sure. But it's done under supervision with a qualified professional and usually like.. a lab or retriever puppy, or a dog specially trained for the purpose. Not some random girl with a fully grown, large-breed random untrained dog. Good on you for setting the boundaries and sticking to them. How's Jaden doing now?
Share your thought on whether you think this was YTA or NTA? Stay tuned for more.

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