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18 Times People Got Uninvited Guests Who Decided To Say “Hello” To Them And It Wasn’t Fun

Our favorite uninvited guests are adorable animals.

Hello everyone! You all know we love animals and we love surprises. Imagine getting a surprise from your favorite animal? Imagine an elk having fun on your trampoline, an owl spending some time in your backyard and a possum sneaking into your lab to see what you are doing. Isn’t it amazing? Coming across your favorite animals is the best feeling ever and brings a smile to the face. Animals are so adorable and wholesome that the moment we see them, we notice a change in our mood and energy. We get a positive vibe from these cute animals. Today, we have 18 unexpected guests who decided to say hello to humans. So, scroll down and enjoy!

1. “Possum observing at my wife’s lab, Australia”

© DarthTheJedi / Reddit

When you are busy working and someone decides to say “hi”.

2. When a Norwegian elk decides to have fun on your trampoline:


© NOnotinthere / Reddit

3. “The day I opened my bedroom window and almost died of a cardiac arrest”


© lourdes_Ar / Reddit

Who would not get a cardiac arrest after seeing this?

4. When the neighbor’s cat decides to say “hello”:


© quiyassino / Reddit

5. When you are having rest in the tent and you get a visitor:


© imhangryagain / Reddit

6. “There’s A Coyote Outside Of My Friend’s House”


© jols0543 / Reddit

Your friend is lucky to see a coyote.

7. “I saw thousands of mallards gathered on a frozen pond last winter. At least one was suspicious of me.”


© future_beach_*** / Reddit

They look unreal. What a beautiful sight!

8. “Scorpion I just happened to find in my bra before putting it on (teaspoon for scale)”


© pinkcatson*** / Reddit

I am checking my bra every time before putting it on after seeing this.

9. When a raccoon tries to be friendly with you:


© TreeFriendSilix19 / Reddit

Animals love getting the attention of humans and this is why they want to enter your house to get some love. They know you will feed them, give them time and let them play around your house. It is not just the animals who are getting a treat but it is a treat for us as well. Who would not like spending time with a cute and fluffy animal? Well, some surprises are not as pleasant as the others but we don’t mind any of these. Scroll down to see more.

10. “A frog with a remaining tail.”


© tgpmgs / Reddit

11. What a beautiful day when you see an adorable thing in the morning:

© TwoTimeToj / Reddit

“I saw this guy a few years ago on the subway with the same bag and the same doggo. I am glad they are still doing the same thing.” © LucLegend2 / Reddit

12. When it is raining outside and a snake comes to say “hi”:


© rep1317 / Reddit

13. This bird is protecting his bird food aisle:

© pattithepotato / Reddit

Someone please come and get him some.

14. When the weather is pleasant and a barred owl visits your back deck:


© johnnycolemanart / Reddit

15. “there is a family of foxes living under my house”

© -Z-3-R-0- / Reddit

Just accept the fact that they let you live in their house.

16. Hello friends, let me come in. I’ll jump, okay?


© squidlips1911 / Reddit

17. “My parents had a visitor in one of their chimneys this morning.”

© Agent_61 / Reddit

What an adorable visitor!

18. When you don’t have a cat and someone observes you while you are busy making coffee:


© iantochiw / Reddit

Isn’t it scary? Have you ever been surprised by an animal before? Comment down to share how was it.


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