Woman Takes A Revenge On Classmate Who Screwed Her In Grad School

Movies aim to teach us not to harbor resentments or seek retribution, etc. Yes, we understand. However, resist the urge to let revenge’s gratifying flavor rule your life like a severe drug addiction. That makes perfect sense. But what happens when an opportunity for retaliation simply appears? That’s what we refer to as fate or karma, I suppose. That is exactly what occurred to one woman who posted her satisfying tale of retaliation on Reddit.

She was, to put it mildly, extremely busy when she was a graduate student, studying on a scholarship while also holding down a number of jobs and internships. She couldn’t buy a lot of the essential technology for some assignments because she wasn’t wealthy like many of her peers. The library had some, but it was typically impossible to get anything without being on a weeks-long waiting. She was thrilled when a student offered to assist her with some stuff. However, this classmate disappeared when it came time to do the homework. Evidently, she had conned her into botching the assignment, and the evil classmate had done just fine. Although angry, the Redditor did not give up.

In a few years, the Redditor’s diligence has paid off and she has a fantastic job. She is involved in the hiring process to assist in finding others that they are trying to hire. The classmate who cheated on her years ago shows up for the job interview as one of the women. She gazed at the classmate with trembling nerves, so you better know she never forgot what she did to her.

The Redditor successfully prevented this woman from being hired and felt gratified in the process. See the full story down below!

The bottom line

OP was poor their whole life and had trouble with tech projects in class


OP asked Penny to help him out with the project


Penny doesn’t show up for work


OP ends up getting a B


Penny then asks for a favor


OP takes revenge now


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