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11 Of The Best Tweets Of Women Roasting Men, Not All Men Though

Can you smell the burning flesh?

Because I can after I read the following tweets from women. It seems some women are sick and tired of men period and decided to show it by tweeting hilarious roasts that will make anyone cringe with how painful they are. Honestly, I am not even going to ask if the men they are targeting are gonna need an ointment after that because I am well aware they will need a miracle to heal from these.


Now, before everyone comes after me screaming about how we are promoting hate on men. We really are not and these are all said in good fun. If you can’t take a bit of humorous poking at your ego, there is something wrong with you. And since we have all that out the way, let’s get on with the good stuff. Scroll on below and take a look.

#1 It doesn’t work that way but I suppose many wished it did.

Via emaleredhead

#2 Technically you are in the right here. That woman is a homewrecker.

Via chloethesiren

#3 Run as fast as you can before he starts singing old town road and you turn into a cowgirl.

Via difficultpatty

#4 Do you even have to ask at that point? I think the answer is right there.

Via dumbbeezie

#5 So what you are telling me is that men like to fart in each other’s faces? Okay.

Via churchcunt

#6 This story sent a chill down my spine.

Via omgskr

#7 You need to have a long talk with your roommate and set her on the right path.

Via AshleyHammm

#8 This is why I never ‘exaggerate’ the truth when I talk to a guy.

Via ballerguy

You only make that mistake once. After you are stuck watching a whole football game with him while he talks nonstop about it.

#9 What about Italy?

Via Rachel_Sennott

#10 I have no idea who that even is but that name tells me a lot.

Via alyssa_schoener

#11 I volunteer for this holy job.

Via isitreallymoira

Have any other savage remarks that you’d like to share with us as long as they are not directed at me? If so comment down below and let us know.


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