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27 Hilarious Photos That Prove Work From Home Is Too Much Fun With Pets

This year the pandemic has taught us so many things. It came when it was least expected, and all of our lives have been completely different since then. No one knew we would have to stay inside our homes and not go out for a long period of time. All of us had this habit of going out and living our lives. Just like us humans, animals also were not really used to live indoors and not go out. Just like our lives have been affected, their lives have also been affected. But you know, your pets really enjoy having you around! And now amidst this pandemic situation, you being at home 24/7 has been your pet’s dream all along! And now that you are home all the time, your pets want your undivided attention. Pets surely don’t understand the concept of work from home! When you are home, it means giving all your attention to your pets.


They can never follow the rules, also why would they follow the rules? It’s you who has to work, not them! Well, they will not let you work as well, because they are not aware of the concept of deadlines. LOL. So, when you are in a rush and you have to submit a report in 3 hours, that’s exactly when your cat will come, rub her face on your hands and will sit on your keyboard. Exactly not the best time to crave attention Mr Kitty, but what can we do? Pets are so irresistible that you will have to stop working and deal with your pet’s mood swings first. Or you will have to face their wrath!

If you need something to lift up your spirit during this hard time, you are in the right place! Today, we have gathered a few stories of the people who have been working from home, well at least trying their best to work in the presence of their beloved pets, and they are hilarious! So, scroll down and read these hilarious stories! We are sure this will lift up your mood!

1. Perks of having pets 101: Using your pets as backrests!

via Ashley R.

“The great thing about WFH is that your co-workers double as back rests.” 

2. Can you please ditch work and play with me??

via  Patricia J. .

“When will it be play time??”

3. Don’t ever let go of me…

via Darcie W.

“We just rescued these two beauties and brought them home. They both try to crowd under my desk at my feet so I can’t even move my chair under my desk. So much for work!”

4. Pay attention to me, only…


“I think my spreadsheet confuses her.”

5. Adopt a pet they said, it would be fun they said…

via Darcie W.

“We just rescued these two beauties and brought them home. They both try to crowd under my desk at my feet so I can’t even move my chair under my desk. So much for work!”

6. Of course, with so much “nothing” to do, it sounds really tiring.

via Shea C.H.

“My supervisors, Boomer and Phoenix, taking a much-needed break. It’s a hard-knock life for us!”

7. ‘We are here so that you can leave work and go out with us’

via Betsy C.

“These are two of my four micromanagers. Pyro and Moxie come and interrupt my work at 4:30 p.m. every day.”

8. Zoom calls have never been so much entertaining….

via Heather F.S.

“I like to play with squeaky toys when people have Zoom calls.”

9. Who wouldn’t want this amazing coworker??

via Caitlin B

“Every now and then, when I have a slow morning, I’ll sit on the couch while I respond to emails. My extraordinarily snuggly and tolerant pit-mix always joins me. I turned him into Customer Service Doggo, and he is the best co-worker I’ve ever had.”

10. “My butt is better than your laptop’s screen”

via Amanda K.

“Our 75-pound golden retriever Oscar jumping between me and my work laptop to look out the window. ‘You can see our yearly revenue growth has….SQUIRREL!'”

11. ‘Henlo hooman, I am your lil stalker!’

via Shelly G.

“My new supervisor.”

We are pretty sure that these images are cracking you up and you are certainly having the time of your life right now. If you are worried that you were just getting started and the pictures have ended already, don’t worry! We are only halfway through. So, why don’t you keep on scrolling?

12. I’m watchin you.


“My co-worker won’t stay in her own cubicle.” — Shaun M.

13. ‘Don’t look at me like that…’

via Amanda J.
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“This is Orion, the beagle. Steals my AirPods and unapologetically sits on them under my desk while I’m working.”

14. Someone’s done being patient…

via Catherine T.

“This is Trex. He tries very hard to be a good and patient boy all day. This is the look I get at 5:01 p.m. and he’s ready to play ball NOW.”

15. Keep your legs to yourself hooman.

via Tracy A.

“I have zero leg room under my desk!”

16. Prioritize the cat…

via Rebecca K.

“Day 13 working from home: Friday inspection. Outcome is satisfactory but could be improved by providing more treats and head rubs.”

17. Personal space can not exist if you have a pet.

“When your co-worker doesn’t understand personal space.”

18. Look at how adorable this baby is!

via Nina A.

“Look! I’m helping.”

19. When you get tired after doing 5 minutes of work.

via  Hilda Cristina H.

“This is my husky mix, Willow. She joins me as I teach from home, but she’s a challenging student. She comes and goes as she pleases, never participates when I call on her, and interrupts the class to warn me of turkeys in the backyard, the mailman or just to get attention.”

20. Riley knows what will help his sleep.


“Endless conference calls are good for Riley’s insomnia.”

21. ‘Henlo, can y’all hear me?’

via Susan S.

“Dash, aka Mr. Meowmers, ready for his Zoom meeting.”

22. Who’s the boss?

via Danielle A.

“This is my personal assistant, Zephi. Sometimes I ask her to screen my calls while I’m at lunch.”

23. Yee-haw! Finally found a comfortable place to sit.

via S.W.

“Aside from routinely stealing my chair whenever I get up, Bobbi likes to block the keyboard, cover paperwork, hold my hand down from moving, attack the computer screen and occasionally ‘pretend to vomit’ to get my attention — but can you blame her?”

24. This is the most comfortable place to sleep.

via Michelle P.

“Bueno decided that sleep was more important than work.”  

25. Someone found a new home.

via Tanya P.

“My co-worker likes to sit in the paper recycling bin and sometimes rip it apart, chew it and spit it on my feet while I work.”

26. Seat has a new owner now…

via Mandy B.

“Leche likes to stay close for good company. Sometimes he just stares and judges while we work.”

27.  Imma sleep all day!

via Francesca L.

“Naps are essential to productivity. Naps all day.”

We’d like to believe that all the pet owners can really relate to this post, as most of us have been working from home in the past 6 months. Pets can be a little annoying at times, but well they are also the ones who keep us entertained! What were your experiences of having pets around during your work from home? Let us know about your experiences in the comments section below!


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