40 Hilarious Tweets That Will Have You Holding Your Sides

Twitter has become one of the most popular pieces of social media out there. The secret behind it is that you are limited in the text you can post, so it forces people to keep their opinions short and concise, though it does prevent people from properly articulating their more complicated thoughts in an eloquent manner. After all, you’re allowed only 280 characters to express yourself, which is way longer than the initial 140.

It does, however, make it the perfect platform for jokes, snippets, and brief glimpses of thoughts. People are forced to be clever with the way they word themselves because they have to fit their zinger or one-liner in a sentence or two. For reference, the last sentence is 138 characters. That’s barely anything! Still, if you don’t have a Twitter, don’t you worry, because we’ve got the most popular tweets of the day for you down below!

Source: Reddit || Reddit

#1 “This theory sounds too real”


The comments on them are just as interesting;

“Much like the prospect of killing Hitler, the year 2020 seemed irresistible to early time travelers. Interference became so pervasive upon the North American continent that portions of the population began to perceive entirely different realities. This came to a head in November, when citizens of the United States elected Genghis Khan as their 46th president, kicking off the rise of the second Mongolian Empire.”

#2 Confederate flags


#3 “Cómo se dice? Burn?”


English is the only language I know. Sometimes I forget how to speak it. Mad respect to anyone who knows more than 1 language.

#4 “Man makes a valid point”


#5 “Big oof”


I am very strongly against adding those reaction images to the bottom of a picture like this. It’s like a laugh track for memes.

#6 Amazing


#7 “So says the sommelier”

I’ve been reading Lies my Teacher Told Me and my biggest takeaway thus far (I’m about 50% through) is the herofication of people. Even the most beloved people in history have a dark side. Abraham Lincoln struggled with racism earlier on in his life, but changed later on. Even horrible people in history may have done something positive and good. There is this idea that people must be all good or bad. That isn’t true on the least.

My point is that everyone says things at some point or any other that someone else won’t like. Whether it’s the “right” or “left” getting offended – the cancel culture just needs to stop.

#8 “Would be great if we left some countries alone too”


#9 “Welcome to chucky cheese”

Both Chuck E Cheese’s in my town have been notorious for shootouts for some reason. The only time you hear of that place is when several people are shot inside one. I’m surprised it’s held on as long as it has.

#10 “Always getting screwed by the idiots”


#11 “America Is Failing An Open-Book Test”

The aliens are a hoax by the Democrats!

Ok, I mean maybe they exist, maybe they don’t, but they’re not a big deal!

Ok, ignore the dead people, seriously it’s not that bad. Everyone just stop looking up. If you walk with you face down it’ll be fine. If you don’t see them then they won’t be there!

Ok, so let’s gather up directly under a battleship. No don’t look up. And sign a waiver saying you won’t sue if you die. Buy you won’t die because they don’t exist remember? You just gotta keep looking down!

#12 “Who’s more rude and entitled?”


#13 “The people > the military”

#14 “Her Father is Republican State Senate Candidate Robert Reagan in Michigan.”


Apparently, her self professed rich, white dad does not believe white privilege is a thing and she knows it is. He also doesn’t believe in climate change. Looking at you to address this Michigan.

#15 “Bingo is getting really surprising in 2020”

#16 Sounds fun


#17 “I’m set for life”

#18 “This could probably go on r/BrandNewSentence as well”


Witchcraft for them is simply magic that is not Christian. Either the power comes from god, and is therefore good and holy and all that Jazz, or it doesn’t, which would mean it HAS to be demonic in nature. To outsiders it all looks like the same magic bullshit, but to them it’s night and day

#19 “It’s that easy”

#20 “100% accurate”


#21 “Oh we poddin now”

#22 “Express your feelings and exercise your rights”


#23 “Give them justice”

I don’t understand how this justice just hasn’t been done yet. My understanding of racial injustice doesn’t really explain such a severe lapse in morality. I’m starting to think that this inaction is far more insidious than I currently believe. Can someone tell it to me straight? Who, what, and/or why is this killing being so readily ignored by the law?

#24 “Who would have thunk it?!”


#25 “This is why we must continue to fight!”

#26 ‘George’s name means something. If his death ends up changing the world for the better, and I think it will, I think it has, then he will have died as he lived. It’s on you to make sure his death isn’t in vain.’


#27 “Police privilege: heinous act, lie, caught lying, bs apology, repeat step one”

They herded these people here then gassed them and there were still people on twitter saying “well they shouldn’t have been there”. Even when they make it blatant, the bootlickers nod, wink, and pretend it’s justified.

#28 “Wholesome surgeon in the building”


#29 “Deepening the divide of the “Haves” and “Have Nots””

#30 “These ladies were smart as hell, best to remember this, Elon.”


#31 “The criminal justice system worked after we witnessed a murder”

#32 “We’ve always been and always will be black, understand that.”


#33 “NASCAR like “Necks question””

#34 “A few bad apples? The whole tree is bad.”


#35 “There’s a polarization taking place”

#36 “Muhammad and Malcolm disowning them from the grave”


#37 “When the only place that will accept is you Fantastic Sam’s”

#38 “Any surface available is a napkin”


#39 “21 Questions made me (then 12F) want to go to prison and write letters to my girl”

#40 “Who’s jammin to my NASA groove?”



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