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13 Of The Worst Mistakes That We Ever Made According To History

Humans make mistakes.

We aren’t all-knowing beings and it is okay to make mistakes. Atleast that is what I would usually say but some of these mistakes are really huge and disasters could have been prevented if we only had the foresight not to do these things. We ofcourse can’t understand the mind of these people when they created or did these things but we are fallible creatures. So when a Redditor asked other users to share what they think is the worst mistake in human history, people had a lot to say.

Some of these answers really do make you think while others are just a bit of harmless fun. You might disagree that all of these were mistakes but they should make you pause and think about everything. So if you’re ready to delve into the deep dark history of our people, let us get right to it. While there were many answers, we compiled some of the most popular answers for you to see.

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Source: Reddit

#1 Who thought it was a good idea to create a weapon of mass destruction and give the power of using it to power-hungry people.


#2 Does anyone even remember Yahoo anymore?


I remember it being all the rage in the early days of the internet. And people didn’t use Google but the search engine that Yahoo had. And we all had yahoo emails.

#3 I am not sure if that is how it works.


#4 That is certainly one way.


Though I am not sure how I would feel about this one. Could anyone have guessed what he would become?

#5 Advancement always brings with it a myriad of problems.


I think this is more about greedy people than anything else.

#6 I would have to agree with this one.


And the damage we are doing to our planet would also be decreased quite a lot.

#7 He probably should have done some research beforehand.


#8 I don’t know enough about History to really say anything about this one.

#9 Who thought owning other human beings was a good idea?


Did these people think they were kind when treating other beings like this?

#10 I am not sure as Internet has helped a lot in many other things.

Though it can spread a lot of misinformation, it is also a tool used for learning all around the world. And it lets people from around the world keep in touch with each other easily.

#11 Museums and libraries are more important than a lot of people think.


#12 But governments never learn their lesson.

#13 What a world that would have been!


Can you imagine humans going to the moon 2000 years ago? We would have flying cars and probably cloning tech by now.

After all those mistakes, we need a bit of happy time.


That pose is everything. This kitty knows he is cute and he is not afraid to use it.

What are your thoughts on these mistakes? Do you agree with all of them? or do you think some of them were necessary? What are some other things in our history that you think were mistakes? Let us know in the comment below and don’t forget to share these comments with your friends so they can join in the discussion as well.


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