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Mother Blames & Punishes Her Six-Years-Old Daughter After The Babysitter Quits

Dealing with kids has always been a difficult task.

Keeping up with their random tantrums, feeding them, taking out dedicated time for them from your busy schedule – surely isn’t an easy task but it is what it is. Parents can surely relate to the challenges they have to face every day. There are times when your kids would misbehave with you and dealing them with anger definitely isn’t the way it should be as it affects their mental health badly. So, what do you do? Do you comfort them with your words or do you grab the opportunity to criticize them while letting them know that their actions will have consequences?

Today, we are going to share the story of a mother who was disappointed by her 6 y/o daughter’s behaviour which led the babysitter to quit. However, the mother decided to let her daughter know that her consistent bad behaviour was the reason the babysitter had to quit and after doing that so, the mother, felt guilty about it after her husband told her that she was too harsh at their kid. She wasn’t sure whether telling that to her little one was a good move or a cruel one – so, she posted on Reddit’s Am I The A-Hole’s thread to seek people’s opinion whether what she did was right or wrong.

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1. Let’s go ahead and read the entire thread of what actually happened.

Like I said, taking care of the kids is a full-time task and you can’t do it especially while being pregnant. So, the lady decided to hire a babysitter who would take care of them and watch over them.

2. So it turns out, the eldest kid’s friend taught her the way to disrespect the babysitter. I wonder, what sort of upbringing is that. I feel sorry for the girl’s friend.


However, the OP got really pissed at that.

3. Taking away the TV would have been fine for a day or two, TBH.


However, that still didn’t stop her daughter from repeating the bad behaviour and that’s when the mother decided to take away more privileges and didn’t just make her daughter verbally apologize but also made her write an apology note.

4. Of course, anyone would lose patience because that’s too embarrassing for the babysitter.


Honestly, that’s the right thing to do. Although giving the raise wouldn’t really help change things but stopping her daughter from seeing that friend was an important decision and also the right one!

5. It’s not like the OP didn’t try to reason with her daughter.


She did and at the moment, her daughter did seem to understand what her mother was explaining but it was still in vain.

6. That is what a company of bad friends can do to you.


Her daughter still didn’t learn the lesson despite all the tries. In fact, it just kept getting worse.

7. Of course, what else do you expect? Not everyone can compromise their self-respect just because they are getting paid.


The OP got really mad at her daughter and was left in denial.

8. So, she decided to get her daughter into an afterschool program.


That was the only option she was left with.

9. The daughter started to regret her behaviour as she couldn’t carry on with the fun activities anymore.


But the OP told her that it’s the consequences of her own actions and she will have to wait for it now until she gets a new sitter.

10. So, the husband thought that OP should have opted for a more polite way rather than being so harsh with their little daughter.


That’s what led the OP having to feel guilty about what she did. That’s why she decided to ask the people and as expected, people were opposing her. Not everyone but a majority of them that it was OP’s fault and she shouldn’t have treated her little daughter like that as regardless of everything, she is still a kid and still in a learning phase.

Let’s see what people had to say about it.

This is true to some extent but then again, she’s just a kid. A 6-year-old doesn’t know the concept of money and a job. You cannot impose that on a little kid.

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Here’s the approval from an elementary teacher and she agrees to the fact that the OP was being too harsh on her daughter!

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Well, being harsh with a child can make them go rebellious and then anything you would do, wouldn’t affect them. In fact, they would keep getting worse and that is why you need to come up with a more polite approach. You need to keep in mind that it’s a kid that we are dealing with and not some adult who would understand the adult concepts.

What did you think of this story? Have you ever faced a similar situation before? Let us know your opinions and suggestions in the comments section below!


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