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30 Old Photos Of Parents Shared By Children Showing How Cool They Were

Cool Parents

The father whose belly is now all protruding outwards as he watches depressing news channels on the tv all day long once won the World’s Strongest Man competition, generated multimillion dollars in revenue per month from the business that is now on your shoulders, and is struggling to generate a single million. And all the moms out there who are now spending most of their time cooking meals for their families or making their grandchildren laugh once piloted a jet, went on a submarine adventure, or even submitted countless mountain peaks. The point I am trying to make is out mothers and fathers are much cooler than we think they are. It is the way nature is that we don’t get to spend the teenage or early adulthood years of their lives with them because they birth us in a later stage of life.


We would’ve never believed how cool our parents truly were at our age had there been no pictures of them pulling off the coolest things one could possibly see someone execute. And today we are going to see it for ourselves.

Today we will be enjoying 30 pictures shared of parents by their respective children that showcase how da*n cool their parents truly were and they had no idea about it.

Are you ready to enjoy the coolest thing these adventurous parents did? Well then, what are you waiting for? Scroll down below to enjoy!

1. “My mother doing a handstand on two skateboards. (Circa 1980s)”

Via Nirokie

2. “My favorite picture of my mom. She was the only girl in her welding class in 1984. Byrd High School, Shreveport, Louisiana.”


Via lizzyhaze

3. “My mom flew helicopters for the army in the 80s.”


Via completedesaster

4. “My dad at his first job at NASA!”


Via sonokoroxs

5. “Chuck Norris pinned by my dad.”


Via LanaDelRayquaza

6. “My dad diving off the starboard fin of a submarine and into the Pacific Ocean in the summers of 1983.”


Via MightyCornDog

7. “My dad and his veterinarian mother, with their pet lion which they raised for two years, 1959.”


Via ryanb99

8. “My dad (front) in Vietnam in 1971. He didn’t know this photo existed until I came across it randomly on the internet. He cried when he saw it.”


Via strawberrygnome

9. “My friend’s parents are celebrating their 47th Anniversary this week. Here’s them being bada$$es in the 70s.”


Via DoubleM515

10. “My mom holding me whilst writing her master thesis on the Macintosh Classic II. (1991)”


Via FrenchFriesGate

11. “My mom in the police academy, 1984.”

Via hellooooo3

12. “My mom, age 15, smoking at an Allman Brothers concert with a broken arm. Watkins Glen ’73.”


Via TheCKBandit

13. “1969 Vietnam: My father’s version of a selfie before selfies were a thing.”

Via mastiffmum

14. “My parents in 1972 in front of their store in Paris.”


Via RobinThomass

15. “My mom was a homicide detective in the 80s.”

Via gymbez

Nothing but the utmost respect for these parents. These pictures are living proof of the fact that they all lived their lives to the absolute fullest. There were no hurdles or obstacles in their adventures. Why aren’t our teenage/early adulthood pictures like these ones? It is lowkey sad that the definition of “cool” has now changed so much. The cool nowadays is taking candid pictures with your latest Samsung or Apple smartphone, to pose with the latest BMW that most people don’t even own, they mostly do it in front of someone else’s car, and of course, sending Snapchats of 5-star hotels that they cannot afford to enter. This is a major downturn and I don’t know how to feel about it.

Knowing that our current pictures won’t ever be as cool as these parents’ old pictures, let’s just continue enjoying them being cool and hope things get better for us.

Scroll down below to continue enjoying!

16. “My dad [performing his duties as] a zoo keeper in 1992.”


Via 8_Bit_Zombies

17. “My pregnant mom at gunpoint trying to get home – May 1969, Berkley.”

Via Leo_nardo

18. “My father who shipped his bike over to England and rode all over Europe on it. (1973)”


Via lionhearted828

19. “Mom spinning records atKwkh, Shreveport. (1977)”

Via JonSmith12345

20. “My dad’s graduation photo. Circa 1970s”


Via Mr_Goldfish0

21. “One of my favorite photos of my parents in the late 70s.”

Via manderly808

22. “My mom as a Red Cross volunteer in WWII. She had her own radio show in the Pacific Theater to counteract Tokyo Rose. (1944)”


Via Saved_by_punctuation

23. “My mom fled Saigon in 1975. By the 90s, she had joined the US Air Force.”

Via cryptolingo

24. “My dad taking a smoking break while fighting Saddam Hussain’s army in the 80s.”

Via iAmReginaPhalange

25. “Pretty bad picture of my dad when he was 22, in Texas, taken in 1987. That Ghettoblaster is epic.”

Via peter_nincompoop33

26. “My mom said she gave this up when she had me. I’m pretty sure she stopped when I was old enough to want some. (1970s)”


Via kingngrfgt

27. “My hilarious father (with the magazine) and my grandfather, grandmother, and uncle at his bar Mitzvah in 1971.”


Via JasonPlatz

28. “My father halfway through motorcycling across Africa – 1980s.”

Via civil55

29. “My mom in the hospital after giving birth to my sister. Canada 1978. Snokes and roasted chicken.”


Via rookdanger

30. “My dad fishing…on a nuclear submarine in 1966.”

Via vbisbest

What better way to let your children know you are the coolest parents to ever exist without actually saying it? Just show them the photographic proof and watch them go bananas over those pictures. I absolutely loved these images and once again I would like to say I know our pictures of this phase of life won’t ever be as cool but I hope the next generation can save it for us.

I really hope you guys enjoyed this one. Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Stay tuned for more stories!

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Cat tax.

“Adopted 2 feral kitties (Dill and Pickles) last year. My older cat Sushi thinks he is their mom now.”


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