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22 Accidental Art Pieces That Were Perfectly “Designed” for The Spooky Season

As the days get shorter and the nights get spookier, we’re all heading towards the fright season. It’s wintertime in most places and with the chilly night breeze blowing, comes ghostly stories we tell one another. Alongside that comes all the accidental art that can depict the scary-ness of the spooky season. This season is not just dedicated to Halloween but it follows the essence of fall combined with the pumpkin spiced latte. However the word, spooky alone gets us fired up to think of all the creepy skeletons, ghosts out there that, though, are a bit comical but have their own sense of fun element to it.


The interesting part of it all is these accidental art pieces and pictures that are compiled for you to notice the specific details of spooky this time around, rather than failing to recognize what is in front of us. So here we have a couple of versions of our own, from the “four-winged seagull” to the “ghostly moth”. P.s before you start reading make sure no one’s standing behind you!

1. This is rather oddly satisfying indeed.

Via © berrito79 / Reddit

“A spooky frost bat appeared on my car hood.”

2. The ghost can be seen in everything!

Via © Buck_N_Goose / Reddit

“I found a little ghost made out of the mold on a tree.”

3. This is gonna haunt you in your nightmares.

Via © BogeyBoss / Reddit

“This moth has a scary face.”

4. The ghost of the seagull is following wherever it goes.

Via © slightlychubby / Reddit

“My phone camera caught an extra outline of a seagull as it took flight.”

5. The spider was ready to hunt down insects to stick it on its net.

Via © FloppyPoppy123 / Reddit

“This wood knot looks like a spider and scared the life out of me.”

6. The wood has such intricate details which scream spooky!

Via © yannivzp / Reddit

7. That looks like a crab or octopus-like creature combined as one, without a head.

Via © Giul_Xainx / Reddit

“I never knew celery could be so scary.”

8. Insidious chapter 5 in the making.

Via © NotHerebrb / Reddit

“Slept over my mom’s house last night and this scared me more than I would like to admit.”

9. The spooky face on the cookie is questioning as to whether I should eat it or not.

Via © twisted34 / Reddit

“This cookie looks like a jack-o-lantern.”

10. The crocodile log is ready to attack any prey in the proximity.

Via © Adhara27 / Reddit

“I found this crocodile log in the forest.”

11. I actually thought there was a dog behind the grill.

Via © Surpriseurd*** / Reddit

“My grill caught fire recently and it created this ghost.”

12. The limb got replaced.

Via © Edbergj / Reddit

“My heart skipped a beat for a second when I saw this.”

13. Look into all the tree holes to make sure no one is waiting to hunt you down.

Via © SigmaRho / Imgur

“My grandpa carved ’wood spirits’ into these trees 16 years ago and the trees have started healing over them.”

It is amusing to notice nature do its job in ways that are just not expected! The shapes, shades, and colors can add to the details of a visible element which later allows us to perceive it in ways that can be attached to feelings and labels.

Just so you do not miss out on every piece of art, scroll down to explore more.

14. The scary chip is scared for you to munch on it.

Via © spectragate / Reddit

15. The shadow is looking at all the wrongdoings that it witnesses.

Via © Meerkat_Mayhem_ / Reddit

“The shadows on the wall behind my lamp look like a spooky face.”

16. We all have two sides to our persona.

Via © nibers / Reddit

17. There are duplicate versions of you with different skin tones.

Via © mystiquetur / Reddit

“The way my window showed my reflection twice startled me.”

18. That looks more like a skeleton drifting away in the sea.

Via © Skyccord / Reddit

“My burnt egg looks like a skeleton.”

19. Just an extra pair of limbs lying around you.

Via © frenchcat808 / Reddit

“My heart skipped a beat at first glance: this bunch of daikon looks like a hand.”

20. No one will pass this path as the tree will curse your existence.

Via © MiniChocolateDonuts/Reddit

“This tree looks like it’s trying to scare people as they walk by.”

21. One of those nights in the forest with a full moon kinda vibe.

Via © bafunke / Reddit

“The butter on my knife made a spooky forest.”

22. It looks like the tree has witnessed some traumas in the past.

Via © nbeyer11 / Reddit

Has there been anything at your place that has gotten you scared? These illusions of objects can get you so emotionally overwhelmed that you end up finding someone to sleep with to be in comfort with the presence of someone close. This spooky season I am sure that nature truly must have done something to amuse you!


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