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Woman Who Doesn’t Want Her Adopted Cat Anymore Goes On A Rant On Humane Society

What’s common between anti-vaxxers and vegans?

It’s the fact that you never have to guess who they are, they will always tell you themselves. I mean, it totally makes sense when you brag about an achievement. Say, you bought a new car, or won a trophy or even got that summer body that you had worked so hard for. It would make sense to show off these things because they are achievements and you have every right to celebrate your success.


However, what this one woman did is something that doesn’t fall in the above category. You see, when she got tired of her adopted cat, she thought it would be best to hand him over to someone who can take care of him. Which was a very thoughtful decision. But when she contacted ‘Paws Humane Society’ to inform them of her situation, it did not go well. She didn’t get the response she was expecting and ended up ranting about the most irrelevant things you can imagine.

Scroll down and take a look.

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It was totally normal in the beginning.

Apparently, it was a violation of their contract.


So, instead of handling it maturely, she lashed out at them.


How is this related to pig farming, anyway?


I think she lashed out because she was in denial. It’s a common behaviour to blame the victim before the victim blames you. For some reason the cat was not allowed outside and when the society pointed out her mistake she couldn’t admit she was wrong.

What do you think of this rant? Do you think it was unnecessary? Let us know in the comments below.


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