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15 Heartwarming Stories Shared By Humans Whose Cats Adopted Them

When you adopt a cat it automatically becomes the Queen of the house.

Cats! Cats! Cats! Our lovely, adorable, mesmerizing, cute, happy, tiny, little, moody babies. Please let us know if you guys know any more positive adjectives. Because all of them can be used to describe cats. They are so amazing and fantastic. And it is statistically proved as well. Cats are tied at the top with the dogs as the most adopted pet in the whole world. Which clearly shows that cats are very lovely.


All these animals that these pet owners adopt give them stories to cherish all their life. Live is a story. A book that is being written all the time. What these innocent and cute animals do is, make the story better and brighter. Cat owners love sharing stories about their pet cats because they are a great source of entertainment. And we thank all these owners for involving us in the great experience as well.

But remember always, you never have authority over cats. Cats like to think of themselves as Queens. That is because they have very independent and a very confident personalities. This means, they only do stuff when they wanna do it. Cats really are creatures of their own mind. And this super unique trait about them is what makes them even more lovable and adorable.

Today we’ve got some heartwarming stories shared by cat owners about their cats. But here’s the twist. The stories are about the cats adopting their owners. Yup. Won’t say another word.

Scroll down below to enjoy!

1. When a cat enters the house, it becomes the boss of that house.

Via Amy Bauder

2. A Queen does not know what obstacles mean.


Via Patrick Califia

3. When they pick you, they make sure you have the best possible time.


Via Daisy Mallard

4. It is very common for stray cats to domesticate themselves like this. Toby is a champ!


Via Ashlee Wiltshire

5. Carl, you’re cool.


Via Dennis Creech

6. Can’t believe people like Carlos’ ex-‘owners’ still exist. Shame!


7. There ain’t no going back when you bring in a cat.


Via Sarah Henwood

How do you guys like it so far? I really love the respect all these owners have for their pet cats and really shows in their stories. I am literally in love with every single one of these cats and I am super glad that they found their forever homes.

Scroll down below for some more felines adopting their humans.

8. Isn’t that how it’s always supposed to happen?


Via Paula Lozar

9. Consider yourself very lucky.


10. Yaller is a real hero!


Via Linda Brandsness

11. A spooky Pookie!

Via David Procter

12. Cats take care of everyone and everything.


Via Deb Brown

13. He was patiently waiting…

14. Rest in peace Budd.

That’s the thing about cats. They recognize all the effort others make for them and they understand emotions very well. Hence Budd decided to stay because he knew he won’t get a better home and people than this.


Via Ross Hawes

15. “Makes me feel like his side chick.” The most accurate representation of cats adopting humans.

Via Wanda Hornby

And you have reached the end. I know, one could read these stories for days and never get bored. Cats bring excitement to our world and I hope they always stay happy and protected. Cats deserve nothing but love.

I really hope you guys enjoyed it. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section down below.


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