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30 Adorable Cat Tweets That Made Our Lives Better


There is more to a cat than what meets the eye. We usually presume cats to be selfish, ignorant and dumb. However, that is not the case. A cat is neither selfish nor dumb, but it may ignore us sometimes. Due to its highly busy schedule, it may be too occupied to answer us when its name is called. Do not rush into judging your furball. It has far bigger things to think of than listening to our childish gibbering. Cats have bigger plans like running for the president and world domination. Therefore, they keep training themselves for the time they actually take over. Life is unexpected and there is no certainty of anything, but one thing is for sure, cats are full of surprises. Here are 30 tweets about adorable cats that made our 2020 better in the process of uplifting themselves to attain their primary goals. Scroll down to check them out.


That’s one powerful kitten. Wow!


Cats can be extremely helpful around the house sometimes.


The question isn’t how, the question is why?


Yet another skill mastered.


“Birthday celebration with close friends only. Peasant not allowed.”


A little me time is important.


“No, wait come back hooman. That’s not how it’s supposed to be! You’re supposed to beg for my attention.”


And now, it’s a whole new cat.


That’s not a pet… That is the owner of the couch.


“What!? What did you say? I have babies inside me? But I am a baby…”


“What to eat first? Hmm…”


That’s a cat burrito.


Cutest thing on the internet today.


Maybe it’s practising for the day it will be holding official zoom meetings from the white house.


Maybe he thinks he’ll grow into them.



Cats can do anything. They’re cats.



Cats planning a heist with the professor.


“Whoa! That’s a magic mirror.”



Jackets are meant to be kitten carriers. Aren’t they?



“Thank you for your services, hooman. I really like you.”


You named it, and the cat nailed it.


Professor McGonagall, is that you?



That’s a cat preparing for the zombie apocalypse.


“Jack, never let go.”



Dj blew the cat away.



Better get work done.


A cat will make a great manager. It has what it takes, relevant experience and expertise. Other than that it would also make efficient supervisors. It possesses great stalking and judgemental skills. Humans have to study for almost sixteen years and get job training for these positions, while the cat is born with these skills. It needs no degree/ diploma or certificate for this job. It already has the required knowledge. However, a little bit of training would be necessary. Don’t ever underestimate a cat. It’s always two steps ahead of us.

That’s pretty enjoyable though.


These cats are extremely captivating and we can never get enough of them. We’re sure you can’t either. How has your cat made life better for you lately? Let us know in the comments below.


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