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18 Cute And Adorable Cats Who Are Ready To Bless Your Weekend

18 Cute And Adorable Cats That Will Bless Your Weekend

Cats are full of pawsitivity and adorability.

What would be more positive and adorable than cats? Nothing can be better than cats. We love cats because they give us a reason to smile every day. On our sad days, it is our cats who help us get out of bed and make it through out the day. It is our cats who hug us, who play with us and who make us believe in love. These tiny balls of love are precious and should be appreciated every now and then. This listicle is all about the adorable and cutest cats who will bless your weekend. So, are you ready? If yes, scroll down!


1. “The audacity to steal my seat then yell at me!!”

Via u/Viviaana

Cat: The chair is mine because a big paw pillow is sitting on this chair and it is very obvious that it is for me and the chair belongs to me.

2. Meet Benji, his owner knitted this sweater for him:


Via u/sonia72quebec

“This is Benji from our cat shelter. He’s a special boy who loves people and he’s very vocal. It’s hard to take a picture of him because he always want to be in my arms.”

3. Look at Betty’s resting bitch face:


Via u/Caioly

“(OC) Upsetty Betty hates her diet and feels not one bit sorry for stealing some of Mia’s food!”

4. “This cat showed up last night at my Girlfriend’s place and immediately started sleeping in the bed and letting us pet her. Does this cat look like a stray? What kind of cat is it? And what should we do?”


Via u/Neurology_Mike

She chose you guys so you should pet her because she is the queen of your house now.

5. “This is my baby’s face when he’s hungry”


Via u/UncleGoldenLucky

After seeing his face, it seems like you are angry and her is trying to talk to you.

6. “The most beautiful kitten I’ve fostered recently, Look at that tail!”


Via u/Someporkhunt

She has the prettiest tail and now that she is living with you, you should adopt her.

7. “Share pictures of my son’s beautiful eyes”


Via u/Jacobvenn75

Wow, look at this handsome boi whose collar matches his magical eyes.

8. Meet the Extra Large size cat:


Via u/lazarus870

“My XL cat. men’s size 10 foot for scale.”

9. Meet Chloe who has moved 4 to 5 homes but has now finally found her forever home.


Via u/ChaoticFluffiness

Who would not love to adopt cats? They are innocent, playful and full of positive energy. They add fun to your boring life and ask for nothing in return but your time. So, make sure to give some time to your kitties, treat them and love them more. Scroll down for more!

10. “My sweet Emma Lou. 17th birthday right around the corner.”


Via u/pixiedixie555

She looks so young and beautiful.

11. She is just sitting there regretting what just happened to her.

Via u/fyflate89

Get her another bowl.

12. “Watching me work from home on a Sunday has exhausted my girl Nymeria into a face plant”


Via u/ladyem8

Cat: Human does not give me time. I am sad.

13. “Our foster cat had 5 kittens, one of them wanted a snuggle. They are 2 days old!”

Advertisement by UDM

Via u/notgreatshirts-com

Nothing can beat a mother’s love for her kids.

14. Someone just turned 18.


Via u/KeillyKalifa

15. “I don’t own a cat.”

Via u/MMS37

16. “My kitten has been accepted by her sibling!”


Via u/Becandbagel

They look so adorable together.

17. Look at this smol kitty:

Via u/Ill_Tower115

18. “Found my cats like this during a rainy day”


Via u/santyalc

We hope these adorable kitties made your day, comment down below to let us know which of these cats are your favorite.


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