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10+ Pictures Of Spoiled Dogs Who Have A Better Life Than Most Of Us

Dogs deserve the best in life.

After all, they are loyal creatures and deserve the best that a person can give them. However, this doesn’t always mean first-class aeroplane rides and their own houses since many of us don’t even have those luxuries for ourselves. But what we can do is marvel at these people putting their dog first and foremost, which is truly heartwarming and adorable at the same time. As we all know, dogs are like babies, but better.


They are not as much of a hassle as taking care of a human baby and they certainly will never leave you which doesn’t ring true for humans. So why not treat your puppy to the finer things in life? Wouldn’t we do that for our kids as well? Well, these people seem to agree as they have spoiled their dogs rotten. From getting their own bath gowns to traveling in a private jet, these dogs have a taste for the luxurious lifestyle.

And you can see that for yourself by scrolling below.

#1 Is it okay to feel a bit jealous because even I don’t have a separate room?

Via Al_Chris16

#2 She is clearly very happy with her birthday dinner.

Via thedailylaughs

#3 I would always be afraid of that pillow falling over.

Via Fatburger3

#4 He may like you if you keep kissing his paw.

Via TheRealDerv

#5 Yes, a professional photographer has taken these pictures and it is worth it.

Via TheRealDerv

#6 Does this mean the dog won’t hound you when you are working?

Via Strawburry17

#7 Now this is just plain sweet.

Via tastyhouse

#8 Even dogs should get to enjoy every holiday.

Via paIoaItos

#9 That is one amazing picture and the artist deserves some kudos.

Via MakesEthanol

#10 Couldn’t this person give one chicken breast to the date?

Via wilstouff

#11 That is what they deserve apparently.

Via spaghemily

#12 And the dog is loving it so, why not?

Via Alythuh

#13 Now they both have each other.

Via nicholasaaronpurvis

#14 This is what a perfect date looks like to me.

Via aranjevi

#15 Because one of those bundles of adorableness is clearly trained.

Via alabamaman69

#16 We all need a little bit of me-time after all.

Via dogmeme.s

#17 He looks so proud of himself as he should be.

Via biancatripp

#18 It’s all because dogs don’t have any responsibilities.

Via Potslol

#19 That sure does look relaxing.

Via ThinkFirstThenSpeak

#20 I am not sure if the dog is loving this.


#21 I truly hope that the toy pulled through.

Via Imgur

#22 Why does he have more friends than I’ll ever have?

Via granitetide

#23 Specification is necessary most of the time.

Via dogmeme.s

#24 Okay, that is one beautiful mansion.

Via dogblawg

#25 The puppy’s paws need some rest.

Via Neil_Paine

These dogs might be spoiled but they haven’t let that get into their head, which is quite surprising. Because any human that we see living a luxurious life thinks everyone else is beneath them. These dogs, however, always remain lovable and loyal.

#26 We all need a personal fan especially in the summer.

Via ellie-the-smiling-samoyed

#27 Just look at the content grin on his face.

Via aspiringdoctors

#28 I would do anything to be this dog.

Via jackratko

#29 They don’t want him to get wet.

Via stillgray

#30 So what is the point of laying in the sun anyway?

Via EddieKurtz45

#31 No more sunburn for little baby.

Via pookiethedachsbear

#32 The dog is not happy with the service.

Via samsmallinginsta

#33 He is clearly not spoiled, just enjoying his life.

Via woodburnin

#34 The food is bigger than he is.

Via popeyethefoodie

#35 This is how you know you have reached your peak.

Via trangnnguyenn

#36 Everyone should have a tent just like this one.

Via IvyDDo

#37 As it should be.

Via MaddieMini4

#38 I really need to get some Epsom salt judging by the look on his face.

Via Kitty_Turley

#39 Champagne and unicorns? Sign me up.

Via dieselrainbowmagic

#40 Just chilling in first class.

Via richdogsofig

#41 The big bed is for the dog apparently.

Via TheDrewLynch

#42 I would say no on this, she is just happy.

Via IluvKen

#43 Even I don’t have a neck pillow.

Via chloetheminifrenchie

#44 This is what I hope to achieve one day.

Via richdogsofig

#45 Are we in the movies or what?

Via Howardval

#46 I think all of the dogs here have a better life than us.

Via bexscowz06

#47 Well, they deserve nothing but the best.

Via stormycorgis

#48 Are those tiny pancakes?

Via richdogsofig

#49 A couch just for your dog? Check.

Via littleziggythings

#50 Even I only have a lousy towel.

Via FluffyFurryBuddy

Is your dog spoiled? If so, why is it that you think so? Comment down below and let us know.


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